Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ Review

Hi there,

I recently purchased a brush, as i’m sure many of you do, because YouTubers and bloggers had hyped it up to the extreme.


That brush was the Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques, priced at £9.99 on the Boots website. So far the only brush by the brand I have tested out…and here’s why.

All over the internet are hundreds of amazing reviews telling us how it will blend your foundation perfectly, you will end up looking like a Victoria’s Secret model. So obviously I had high expectations.

Now I don’t know whether the problem I’ve had so far is because of the foundations that I have used it with, or because of the brush, but every time I have used this brush I have had to take of my makeup and start again. My face is covered in streaks, I can see every place the brush has touched.

I first thought ‘ah maybe my technique is not spot on’ so I looked through YouTube at people using the brush, at tips for the brush, and everybody was saying:

1. Use downward strokes so that the hairs don’t stick up and mess everything up. I think this is more a tip for making foundation look good on the skin, rather than help the brush perform as well as it could.

2. Use circular buffing motions. This tip came from Sam Chapman herself, the co-creator of the Real Techniques brushes. For me this made the brush strokes even more noticeable, especially around my nose and cheek areas.

I really don’t know how to get this brush to work for foundation but I really want to. I love it however for applying contour and/or highlight. For contour it fits right into the cheekbone and carves it out beautifully. As the brush is so dense it picks up any highlight colour beautifully and transfers it onto the skin as well as it would if you were to just drag the highlight pan across your cheek.

Please don’t take this as my overall review of Real Techniques, I’m just putting it out there that for me, for foundation, it doesn’t work as well as I would like. It picks up product well, and gives the foundation its full coverage potential, but it does leave me very streaky.

Please leave a comment if you have had the same problem and found a solution, as I would love to make this work out for me.

Bye for now,

Tasha xo


One thought on “Real Techniques ‘Expert Face Brush’ Review

  1. I love the expert face brush but I don’t use it for foundation, I use it for blusher as its the perfect size for the apples of my cheeks so maybe you could use it for that?
    Im posting about my brush collection tomorrow (9am Uk time) and its mostly real techniques brushes and Ive talked about how I use them too so you might find it an interesting read 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this! xxx


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