Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

Recently I’ve been testing out Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation, £12.99 in Boots, and I’m kind of torn.

Colorstay Foundation comes in 20 shades which range from fairly light to dark. The shade range is fairly wide, although if you are at either extreme on the spectrum you may find it a little difficult to find your exact match.

Revlon Colorstay 110 IvoryI’m in shade 110 Ivory, for reference.

On the Revlon website it states that Colorstay has a ‘Longwearing, Lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade or rub off’. Now I should state that Colorstay comes in 2 formulas, one for Normal/Dry skin and one for Combination/Oily skin. The formula I’m talking about is the Combination/Oily one.

I have a few issues with the claims that the website makes about this foundation. When I first apply this foundation it looks absolutely stunning, it blurs out any fine lines, any pores and evens out my skin tone beautifully. The coverage is amazing and I barely need any concealer over blemishes.

However, fast forward an hour or two and it’s a different story, and before I tell you why thing’s change I should mention, just because it doesn’t work particularly well in the long run for me and my skin type, doesn’t mean it won’t for you. I would encourage you to get a sample to test it out before taking the plunge.

So, I’ve applied the foundation and gone about my normal day, and every time I have tried this foundation around the 3 hour mark I notice the foundation start to look cakey around my chin and eyebrow area. By this I mean the foundation starts to look thick as though I have applied more than just one layer of the foundation. But from a distance it still looks okay.

After about 4/5 hours the cakey-ness is noticeable from a distance, so much that I feel the need to go and touch up my makeup with a little powder.

These problems only occur on the area where my skin is a little oily, which doesn’t sense to me as the ‘symptoms’ I described normally happen around my drier areas.

This foundation is amazing if you want to wear it for photography, or for a short period of time as it will make your skin look absolutely flawless, however, on me, its not so great on the longwearing front.

Tasha xo


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