Bomb Cosmetics Winter Wonderland Review

Over the Christmas period I received copious amounts of bath bombs, bath oils and other assorted bath goodies, but my favourite one by far has to be this Winter Wonderland treat from Bomb Cosmetics.

Winter Wonderland

Every single item is adorable, the cutest in my opinion is the little Holly Jolly Bath Mallow! I love the little cupcake design. They all smell divine and I can’t wait to sit in a bath and pretend its still Christmas!

(Clockwise from top; Baby Ur A Star Soap, Oh Xmas Tree Blaster, The Glitterati Bath Creamer, Jolly Holly Bath Mallow and Deer Me! Bath Blaster

Bomb Cosmetics’ website states that they are against animal testing, that they would never test on animals. They also use recycled materials for their packaging and use natural ingredients wherever they can. These are all fantastic qualities that would definitely persuade me to purchase from them again!

The set is no longer being sold unfortunately but there are many other similar gift backs on the Bomb Cosmetics website.

I definitely recommend any product from this company, but I especially love the soap and the little Bath Mallows, both of these products perform brilliantly!

Happy Bathing!

Tasha J Beauty xo


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