Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Review ♡ Liquid Lipstick Battle #1

I received a small bundle of Makeup Revolution products for Christmas and in the selection of products were these 2 liquid lipsticks from Makeup Revolution.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquers
L-R: Velvet Black Heart, Keep Lying For You

There are called the ‘Salvation Velvet Lacquer’ and retail for £3 each. The are another addition to the liquid lipstick craze that is going on in the world of beauty at the moment.

The sheer number of liquid lipsticks that are around at the moment have inspired me to do a series of ‘Liquid Lipstick Battles’ In each post I will test out a different brands take on liquid lipsticks.

For £3 you can’t really go wrong with these lipsticks, however, I have mixed opinions. It would seem that not all of the shades are created equally, I am in love with Keep Lying to You, but Velvet Black Heart is slightly disappointing.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Lipstick Swatches
Top: Velvet Black Heart Bottom: Keep Lying For You

Keep Lying for You is a beautiful mauvey, pinky-purple shade, it dries very quickly after applying and doesnt leave your lips feeling tacky at all. It lasts through drinking, and there is only minor flaking and patchiness after eating. During application you can layer this shade without it going cakey or balling up on your lips.

Velvet Black Heart is unfortunately a different story. The colour is amazing, an incredibly deep purple-blue shade. To achieve an opaque colour though you do have to apply 2-3 layers of this lipstick. For the first 2 hours after application it looks absolutely stunning, but from the 2 hour mark it starts to peel off from the inner rim of my mouth and goes incredibly patchy all over.

I would definitely recommend Keep Lying for You, but if you want a lipstick thats going to last all night, I would skip on Velvet Black Heart. I definitely think I’m going to have to pick up a few of the lighter shades to give them a test as well!

There is no strong scent or taste to these lipsticks and they retail for £3 each at either Superdrug stores or

What liquid lipsticks would you like to see me review?

Tasha J Beauty xo




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