Lush Haul! ♡ Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars!

For my birthday I received a few Lush goodies that I thought I would share with you. I’ll have to wait a little while to share a review of them with you, as my bath is broken, but when I use them I will update you all with pictures and a full review.

Lush Haul Jan 2016
Clockwise From Top; Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Bar Humbug Bubble Bar, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Frozen Bath Bomb. Center: Peeping Santa Bubbleroon

Bar Humbug is a bubble bar that was only around for Christmas time and is sadly no longer available. It smells like liquorice and is a stunning dark purple, with silver shimmers around the outside. The main scents/oils are bergamot oil, fennel oil, tarragon oil.

The Lush website says that the main feature of this product is that it contains organic ilipe butter that will smooth and soften skin.

Peeping Santa Bubbleroon is also seasonal unfortunately which means he too is no longer available. This bubbleroon is used the same way as a bubble bar, meaning you crumble a little under running water and you end up with a delicious smelling bubble bath. Peeping Santa smells like strawberries and has real chocolate drops for his eyes! The key ingredients are cocoa butter, bergamot oil, geranium oil, shea butter.

There are also tiny red hearts inside Santa’s hat!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is a cult favourite from Lush. It only comes out at christmas time, but has come out for pretty much every christmas, so if you fancy getting your hands on one, just be a little patient! It smells like delicious sweet candy and marshmallows, and when dissolved it leaves your bath water glistening! The ingredient that gives Candy Mountain is yummy scent is vanilla absolute.

Sex Bomb is a bath bomb that you throw in your bath when it’s filled up and ready to go. All of lush bath bomb do magical things in your bath and Sex Bomb is no exception. When dissolved Sex Bomb turns your bath water into a beautiful pink colour, and the small rice paper flower floats on top of the water!

The Lush website states that Sex Bomb is a calming, destressing bath bomb that has a blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage. The jasmine is said to ease stress and anxiety, clary sage clears the mind and ylang ylang soothes worries.

Frozen Bath Bomb is a newer product to the lush lineup. When it dissolves in your bath, you’re left with shimmery blue water that feels truly magical! A blend of grapefruit oil, neroli oil and rose oil give this bath bomb a very fresh, floral fragrance.

Which Lush products are your favourite?

Tasha J Beauty xo



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