Makeup Revolution Haul! ♡ Lips, Highlighter and Eyeshadows!

I decided to have a little splurge on Makeup Revolution products, I say little splurge because it only cost around £15 to get all of these products, and I love nearly every single one!

Makeup Revolution Haul.JPG

Let’s talk about palettes…Makeup Revolution has a LOT of palettes to offer and they vary in price from £4 to £8. I picked up two palettes, as you can see they are both full of beautiful neutral shades.

Makeup Revolution Run Boy Run Palette
Run Boy Run Salvation Palette

The Run Boy Run Salvation palette (£6.00) has 12 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades. The matte shades all blend out beautifully and the shimmery shades are so incredibly pigmented. There is a tiny amount of fallout with some of the shimmery shades, but overall I am incredibly impressed with this palette.

Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette
Redemption Palette – Essential Shimmers

The other palette that I picked up was the Redemption palette Essential Shimmers. As the name suggests this palette is entirely shimmery shades. There are a wide range of warm tones and cool tones, and a good mix of light, medium and dark shades. These shadows blend like a dream, and the pigment is out of this world. They aren’t quite as buttery as some of the high-end shadows, but other than that I would highly recommend this palette.

Next I picked up some face products, I picked up a highlighter and a blush that I misplaced when the photo was being taken (oops).

Makeup Revolution Highlighter
Vivid Baked Highlighter – Peach Lights

The Vivid Baked Highlighter (£3)  in the shade Peach Lights is a beautiful cool toned pink highlighter. I’m not sure why it’s called Peach Lights because it isnt very peachy at all but even so it gives a beautiful intense glow to the cheeks. The only issue is that this highlighter is pressed quite hard, which means you do need a stiffer brush to pick the product up with.

The Blush (£1) in ‘Now!’ is a pretty standard pinky-dusky rose coloured blush. I like that this blush isn’t crazy pigmented, but is buildable. It prevents me from going too heavy handed when I first apply my blush, but allows me to build it up if I’m a little too careful. This blush is slightly shimmery and gives a nice healthy look to the cheeks.

It’s no surprise that I picked up a lot of lip products (I’m a little obsessed).

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquers
L-R: Velvet Black Heart, Keep Lying for You

I picked up a few of the Salvation Velvet Lacquers (£3 each). I already have a review up on my blog (here) if you want to know my thoughts on these. However, since writing that review I have picked up a new shade (What I Believe), and it is incredibly white based and goes quite sticky on the lips. If you have a deep skin tone I think this shade would look incredible but on my incredibly pale skin tone, I look a bit like daffy duck.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks
L-R: 100% Vamp, The One

I also grabbed a couple of their lipsticks (£1) in the shades ‘The One’ and ‘100% Vamp’. They are both incredibly creamy, although ‘100% Vamp’ is a little patchy so I would recommend using a lipliner to fill in your lips underneath. They aren’t very drying at all, and last around 4 hours on your lips without needing touch ups!

Overall I am incredibly impressed with Makeup Revolution so far, I’m definitely going to be picking up some more products from them very soon!

Let me know if you have tried any Makeup Revolution and if you have any recommendations!

Until Next Time,

Tasha J Beauty xo


2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Haul! ♡ Lips, Highlighter and Eyeshadows!

  1. Great buys! I posted some Makeup Revolution reviews lately. If you are interested come and check my blog. Otherwise, thanks for sharing this, I am half itching to go to Superdrug again…

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