L’oréal Lumi Magique Base Review♡

Recently I’ve been a fan of having glowy, radiant skin and I heard everyone talk about the Lumi Magique Base Primer from L’Oréal. I have been testing it out over the past few weeks and I have to say, I do like it quite a lot.

Loreal Magic Lumi

I picked mine up from Boots for £10.99 which seems like a lot for a drugstore/high street primer, but considering you only need to use a TINY amount of it to cover your whole face, its worth it in my opinion.

I have been testing it out as a primer, and using it as a liquid highlighter and I have to be honest, I like using it both ways.

On it’s own as a primer I’m not a huge fan, it does give a pretty finish to the skin, but I have a lot of texture on my skin so it highlights that a lot. However, I have found that if I use my Nivea Post Shave Palm for Men (review here) first and then this on top, my skin looks beautifully radiant. I have even skipped the foundation on a few days because I love how this makes my skin look.


lumi magique swatch

When sheered out over a large area, like in the photo above, it gives a almost pearlescent look to the skin. However, sometimes I will take a tiny amount on my finger and dot it on the tops of my cheekbones and it gives a very intense glow to my cheeks.

I really do recommend this product to anyone who is a fan of radiant skin. However, if you have any acne scarring or texture to your skin then I would consider using another, more smoothing primer underneath.

What are your favourite drugstore primers?

Tasha Beauty xo




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