Maxfactor Colour Elixir Lipstick Review ♡

Who doesn’t love a red lip? I think I might be slightly addicted at this point, I own at least 7 shades of red that really aren’t different enough to justify owning them all. Even worse than that is the fact I own 3 reds from the same Colour Elixir range from Maxfactor.

Maxfactor LipsticksMaxfactor Lipsticks (Bottoms)


maxfactor lipsticks
L-R: Ruby Tuesday,Marilyn Berry,  Marilyn Cabernet

Both Marilyn Berry and Marilyn Cabernet were part of the Marilyn Monroe collection from Maxfactor. They have a very sweet, almost fruity scent that I can’t quite think how to describe, it is very pleasant though.

Marilyn Berry is a soft pinky-red that looks very pretty on  the lips. Marilyn Cabernet is a lot more pigmented than Marilyn Berry, and gives a creamy, smooth look on the lips.

Ruby Tuesday is from the regular Colour Elixir line and is a very warm, orangey red. It is slightly sheer but definitely buildable. The colour is very pretty and flattering, however, the smell and the taste I’m not a fan of. This lipstick leaves a very strong plastic-y taste in my mouth whenever i wear this lipstick.

All of these lipsticks are fairly shiny, and are all semi-sheer yet buildable. Overall, I really like these lipsticks, my favourite is Marilyn Cabernet because it is such a classic red. The lipsticks last about 4 hours on the lips before slightly losing their pigment and shine. They do transfer and will start to rub away if you eat or drink.

Unfortunately you cannot get your hands on the Marilyn collection anymore, but Ruby Tuesday and the rest of the Colour Elixir lippies retail for £7.99 in Boots or Superdrug.

Tasha J Beauty xo



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