High End Blush Wishlist ♡ Nars, tarte., Hourglass and More…

Now I’m not a huge fan of blush, I’m always terrified of applying too much and looking a bit like a clown…But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a hefty amount on my wishlist. You know, the huge ever-growing list of products that you have to get your hands on or you might explode? Well here are a few of my most lusted after:

Blush Wishlist image1) Nars Blush – £23.00 – narscosmetics.co.uk

Nars blushes have been a cult classic since the dawn of time it feels like. Ever since I fell in love with makeup I’ve heard people raving about Nars Orgasm blush and speaking of it’s magical powers in the makeup world. Although, my biggest want is Impassioned, the latest addition to the Nars Blush family (blog post here). I have yet to add one to my collection, although hopefully it won’t be too long, I have to know if it can live up to my expectations.

2) tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – $28.00 – sephora.com

Another product that the beauty world seems to go mental over, and I must admit…the packaging is most of the reason I would love to own all of these. I just imagine having a little blush coloured rainbow inside my blush drawer and it makes me all happy inside. I also love the variety of colours that the Amazonian Clay blushes offer.

3) Urban Decay 8Hour Afterglow Blush – £19.00 – urbandecay.co.uk

Urban Decay are always reliable for making amazing products, and I’m sure that their blushes are no exception. I have seen a few different blog posts and videos swatching all of these colours, and I would love to see if I could find a way to wear Bang, the bright orange-red shade.

4) Clinique Cheek Pop – £17.00 – clinique.co.uk

Everybody seems to be going crazy for the packaging of these blushes, and how cute it is, but I have to say I’m not a fan. I think it looks slightly cheap with the clear plastic… However, after looking at loads of swatches and tutorials that have used these blushes, they leave a beautiful finish on the cheeks.

5) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush – $38.00 – hourglasscosmetics.co.uk

I am a huge fan of radiant skin and love that ‘glowing from within’ look that Hourglass products give. I also love a subtle look with my blush, clown cheeks are a huge threat for me and my pale skin. From what I’ve heard about these blushes, they will be perfect for both of those things so I am dying to get my hands on them.

6) Too Faced Love Flush Blush – £20.00 – toofaced.co.uk

If I’m not a fan of the Clinique blushes, the opposite is true for these. I absolutely adore this packaging, I think it is adorable. Who doesn’t want to collect a load of blush coloured hearts?! I also think that the co-ordinating the packaging to the blush inside is a super convenient way of packaging them, and I just overall am a huge fan of how these blushes are packaged. The swatches I have seen look amazing as well, so they will definitely be finding their way in to my makeup collection very soon.

What blushes have been on your wishlist for a while now?

Tasha J Beauty xo


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