A Day Out in Cambridge ♡

I thought I would start posting a few personal things on my blog as well, just to have them documented and let you into a little snippet of my life every now and then. So here goes life post number 1!

On Easter Sunday, my boyfriend’s family and I travelled to Cambridge to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. After being up since 4:30am I wasn’t feeling too great, but it was worth it.

We all went out for a lovely meal, and I had the most amazing dessert I’ve ever had in my life, but I forgot to take a picture…oops. It was 2 ice cream roulades with cream and blackcurrant sauce, and it was so yummy!!

After dinner we went out for a walk with everybody, and I fell in love with Cambridge scenery a little bit. I took a load of photos on the walk, but I put the best ones below:

My boyfriend’s grandad went to college in Cambridge so he was able to tell us a lot of history about the buildings and things that happened when he was here. I really enjoyed the walk, the weather was amazing and I managed to get within about 5 Feet of a swan!!

The only thing that I could think of when I saw that the University had its own Outfitters, was that it was a little bit like Madame Malkin’s in Harry Potter, where you went in and bought your clothes for the year.

It was completely walking around this area so well known for its university, and seeing hardly any students, and whereas in the areas that I live and have visited before, the students eat at McDonald’s and drink Starbucks, the Cambridge students were drinking in the quaint little coffee shops.

That is the best word I think I have found to describe all of the little places in Cambridge, quaint. Although, that is incredibly different when you see the amazing architecture of all of the colleges and university buildings.

I really enjoyed my day out in Cambridge, and would definitely go there again.

Tasha J Beauty xo



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