Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review ♡

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos have been all over the internet for years now, you can’t step foot on YouTube without hearing the words ‘On and On Bronze’. So naturally I felt like I had to see if these products lived up to their hype, and I’m still on the fence.

The shades I picked up were:

On and On Bronze – A lovely shimmery golden bronze shade

Permanent Taupe – A cross between a grey and a purple, very cool toned, semi-matte

Vintage Plum – A matte deep plum shade with a touch of grey

Maybelline Colour Tattoos Finished
Maybelline Color Tattoo SwatchesAfter playing around with these shades for a while I have some very fixed opinions about each one.

My favourite is On and On Bronze, it is very creamy and pigmented. I normally apply this all over the lid and then blend it out slightly into the crease and it gives me a nice eyeshadow look in about a minute.

Permanent Taupe is second best, because of its slightly matte finish you have to work a little bit harder to get an even colour, in the swatches I applied 2 coats of each and you can see that it is still a little patchy. However, once you have built up an even layer, it blends very evenly and easily, and gives a good colour to the crease. I have even applied this all over the lid and blended it out to achieve a pretty cool-toned smokey eye.

Now for the colour that has not held up to the hype for me. Vintage Plum was a little disappointing. It is a Leather Effect colour tattoo so is incredibly matte, and I don’t know whether it is that, or maybe it has dried out (although it has only been open a month), but Vintage Plum is so stiff. The other shades are incredibly creamy, whereas I really have to work to get a decent amount of this product onto my brush or my finger. Because of this, it means that it always applies kind of smeary, and patchy. The only way I have found  to use this shade really has been to blend it into my crease and then set it with a powder shadow to create a more even look.

Overall, I would recommend the Colour Tattoos, they are £4.99 each, and can be bought from Boots, or Superdrug if you are in the UK, and anywhere else that sells Maybelline products. As a precaution at first I would say to stick with the regular Colour Tattoos, and I will pick up another one or two of the leather shades and update you in a little while!

Tasha J Beauty xo


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