Colourpop Lux Lipsticks! ♡ New In Beauty!

Colourpop are no strangers to new releases, and they started the New Year off with a bang! A whole new range of 25 lipsticks!

These lipsticks have the most beautiful packaging, rose gold metal with little pink stars dotted around. The bullets themselves have stars stamped into them.

Let’s have a look at the shades shall we?

Boy (edited)Appy (edited)Pinkies Up (edited)

Boy is a pale peachy nude.

Appy is a warm beige with pink undertones.

Pinkies Up is a mid-tone mauve shade that is quite muted.

Friends (edited)What If (edited)Sitting Pretty (edited)

Friends is a beautiful rich, chocolatey brown…also can we just take a minute for the names in this whole collection, amazing.

What If is a rosy, fuchsia colour, would look beautiful on every skin tone.

Sitting Pretty is a more muted, dusty purple shade.

Cheetah (edited)Humble Pie (edited)Get A Room (edited)

Cheetah is a pastel violet shade. Perfect for when you want a more bold look.

Humble Pie is a beautiful dusty rose.

Get A Room is a very bright, orangey-red. Amazing for summer.

On Repeat (edited)On Display (edited)Hello Stranger (edited)

On Repeat is a cool cross between a brick red and a burnt orange, it is stunning.

On Display is a pink-based red. Very classic.

Hello Stranger is a blackened plum, amazing for autumn/winter.

Aeronaut (edited)LA Lady (edited)Lay Over (edited)

Aeronaut is a super cool, pitch black.

LA Lady is a terracotta nude, would be amazing on medium/tan skintones.

Lay Over is a very neutral nude shade.

Still Crazy (edited)Uno Mas (edited)Stone Fox (edited)

Still Crazy is very natural mauvey pink, would look amazing with glowy skin.

Uno Mas is a warm peachy pink, perfect for more bronzey looks.

Stone Fox is a pale peachy pink.

Money Side Up (edited)Ghosted (edited)Foolish (edited)

Money Side Up is muted pink, good for a pink lip if you dont want to be too bold.

Ghosted is a gorgeous berry pink shade.

Foolish is a true burnt orange.

Liquid Courage (edited)Gallop (edited)27 (edited)

Liquid Courage is a stunning brick red. With lashes and winged liner…incredible.

Gallop is a true terracotta shade. Good for more grungy looks.

27 is a deep plum nude shade.

Getty (edited)

I saved my personal favourite shade for last. Getty is an absolutely stunning dark teal.

I absolutely love the varied shade range in this launch, the more natural shades and all the pops of colour just make this launch so diverse and awesome.

The Colourpop website says that these lipsticks have a creamy matte finish.

The lipsticks also have acai, jojoba and pomegranate seed butters, which will moisturise the lips but also contain natural antioxidants to help with anti-aging effects.

The lipsticks retail for $7 each on the Colourpop website (link).

I’m definitely going to be picking some up with my next Colourpop order!

Which shades are you going to add to your collection?

Tasha J x


Barry M Lip Paint Review! ♡ With Swatches!

I officially have a new favourite lipstick formula to collect!

I am slowly moving away from the whirlwind of matte liquid lipsticks storming the beauty community and back to regular lipsticks, thanks to Barry M!

Never in a million years did I expect that a £5 lipstick would be able to work it’s way up in my favourites list but here we are with one being my everyday lipstick.

The lipsticks in referring to (if you couldn’t tell from the title of this blog post…) are the Satin Super Slick Lip Paints from Barry M. I have gone from owning none of these lipsticks to 8 in a very, very short space of time, and that doesn’t normally happen.

I usually try to test out as many lipstick formulas as possible (slight lipstick horder issues happening over here) so for me to almost exclusively buy one formula for a whole month is pretty much a miracle. Props to you Barry M.

The formula of these lipsticks is unbelievable. They are SO creamy and yet so so pigmented. You only need one swipe to get full pigment and they are the most stunning glossy formula.

Let’s get onto the shades shall we.

I have a couple of limited edition shades that are no longer available on the Barry M website, but they are worth mentioning so here they are.

Viscous Violet

Viscous Violet (156) is, as the name suggests, a violet colour, it is more on the sheer side but can definitely be built up to a more opaque colour. It is a very warm toned, pink-based purple so does make your teeth look a tiny bit on the yellow side, but still beautiful.

Barry M Rose Gold Lipsticksultimate icons

Next up is Everything’s Rosie (164), is a very pinky-nude. I’m not sure if this shade is most flattering on my skin-tone because I am fairly yellow-based and it is so pink that I think it looks a bit odd but the shade itself is beautiful. This and the next lipstick are technically part of the ‘Ultimate Icons‘ collection but they are pretty much the exact same formula.

Following on from Everything’s Rosie, we have Black (37). As the name suggests, this is black. For a more glossy black formula this performs amazingly. Depending on your lip shape you might need to go over a couple areas, such as the cupid’s bow, to get full pigmentation but this applies so easily, my swatch photo only had one swipe.

Barry M Silver Lipsticks

Now let’s get onto the permanent shades!

satin slick lip paints

Mannequin (169) is one of my two favourites. It is a neutral nude that definitely leans more on the borderline cool-toned side of the scale. It is one of the easiest lipsticks to pull off, makes those next-to-no makeup days a littttlle bit easier.

I think that mauve lipsticks look really nice against my skintone so its no surprise that I adore Mauve It (170). This is such an amazing colour if you just want a little more colour than a simple nude lipstick.

Rosemance (173) is a beautiful pale pink shade. It looks really pretty with a more natural look, no liner, glowy skin, pink lips, amazing for spring.

If you are looking for a deep burgundy shade then Marooned (174) is for you. I always thought that when I went for a burgundy lip I would want it be matte, oh boy was I wrong. A glossy burgundy lip gives you a business lady realness that I can’t even really explain. Whenever I wear this lipstick I feel like I can get things done.

Last up is a classic, Red My Lips (176) a very true red with neutral undertones. There are no blue undertones in this red lip so it doesnt make your teeth look yellow but it also doesnt make them look any more yellow, so its a win really. My favourite way to wear this is with a wing liner, bold lashes, and this lip and you’re onto a winner.

These lipsticks retail for £4.99 and you can pick them up in Boots, Superdrug or online at (link)

So there we have it, a lipstick that I 100% you try out, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love.

Tasha J x


Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection Haul and Review! ♡ (Plus swatches and info on UK Shipping)

First off, let me start by asking you a question, how do we feel about the new sleek and snazzy blog? I’ve spent some time this weekend having a bit of a revamp of the blog and all the socials so hopefully you all love it!

Now let’s kick this year off (happy new year to you by the way!!) with a very exciting blog post.

Like many of you I’m sure, Jeffree Star lipsticks are a lust-worthy item. Not only are all of the colours so pretty to look at, but he releases so many that the collector/makeup hoarder in all of us kicks in.

I, however, had not been able to bring myself to bite the bullet and place an order. It doesn’t seem worth it to me to buy one or two lipsticks when you have to pay for international shipping, and then for customs on top of that really.

So when the Holiday Glitter Collection dropped, I thought, bugger it…BUY ALLLL THE THINGS! and that is exactly what I did.

Velour Liquid Lipsticks!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips (Holiday).jpg

Before we go into the swatches and reviews and all that business, I feel like we need to just take a moment to take in that packaging….look at all the amazing sparkly glitter…amazing.

Time for all the juicy details.

I bought 6 out of the 8 available shades, I wanted 7 but decided to pick up a lip scrub instead of the 7th lipstick. The two that I didn’t get were ‘First Class’, a straight up metallic gold, and ‘Medusa’, a stunning deep grey.

The 6 I did buy however, were; Christmas Cookie, Human Nature, Berries on Ice, Santa Baby, Poinsettia and Mermaid Blood.

jeffree star hand swatches

Christmas Cookie:

After seeing some swatches of this shade online I was a little nervous about how it was going to look on my skin tone. I was massively surprised. I love it. It might even be my perfect nude.

Christmas Cookie is really opaque in one coat, no need to layer with this one.

Human Nature:

Anyone that knows me and sees the makeup I wear knows I absolutely love deep nude shades for my lips. So it isn’t really a surprise that I love this shade. Definitely more of an autumn/wintery shade though I think.

Human Nature is also really opaque in one coat.

Berries On Ice:

This shade is a strange one. In the tube it looks really pink, in photos it pulls quite pink but in real life it is really quite purple with just the tiniest pink undertone. Definitely more berry than pink.

This shade is quite patchy and requires 2 coats and little bit more working with to get it to apply evenly. The reason for this was explained by Jeffree Star in his collection launch video. The lack of even pigmentation is a price to pay for having a vegan formula when it comes to purples and reds. Most purples and reds use carmine which is not a vegan ingredient, and carmine is a pigment that is a lot easier to get even in application.

Santa Baby:

Santa Baby is a bright red-pink. It is a really good Holiday shade, or a more spring shade. I think this shade would look incredible on darker skin tones with a bit of a deeper lip liner.

The same pigmentation issues happen with this shade as with Berries on Ice. It is a little more difficult to get this one looking opaque though. Needs a lot more work to get a flat colour.


This and the next shade are easily my favourites from the collection. Poinsettia is a really unique, perfect Holiday red. The swatch image doesnt do it justice at all. This shade is exactly the shade you think of when you think Christmas red.

Bonus…it’s metallic. I know metallic is a scary idea for some of you but this is one of the most flattering metallic formulas out there. The sheen isn’t so strong that you look like you stole the lips from a robot, it does a really good job of making your lips look really soft and plump.

100% reccomend this shade.

Mermaid Blood:

Mermaid Blood is hands down the coolest, most unique lipsticks that I own. It is a STUNNING teal colour, which is also surprisingly wearable. I have always found that greens and blues are some of the more wearable out-there shades that can be worn.

The pigmentation on this lipstick is amazing, it is totally opaque in one layer. You do, however, have to be careful with how you apply it. If you have very deep lines on your lips you will have to stretch out your lips while you apply otherwise as you talk you will realise there is no lipstick in the deeper areas of your lips.

Lipstick Info!

In each of the lipsticks you get 0.19 FL OZ/5.6ML of product.

The applicator is a super soft doe-foot that picks up the perfect amount of lipstick for a full application.

Velour Lip Scrub

I have been lusting after some of the flavours of the Lip Scrubs from JS for such a long time now and when he launched the Family Collection I absolutely knew that I needed Pancakes and Syrup in my life.

This. Smells. Delicious!!!!

I have no idea how he managed it but it smells exactly like pancakes, butter and maple syrup. YUM!

It tastes kind of like you have mixed a tiny amount of Vaseline in with maple syrup, but in all honesty it is really yummy.

You get a full ounce of product in the lip scrubs so it will last you for a really long time.

Now onto the slightly more boring bits, the shipping.

I purchased my order on the launch date of the Holiday Collection so order numbers were really high and things were a little delayed.

It took about 3 weeks for my package to get to me, and I did have to pay a Customs charge of around £25.

I felt okay about this though because I didn’t have to pay shipping as I reached the Free International Shipping cap.

All of my products arrived in tact and I am so so glad I placed this order and will be looking to make a purchase when his next collection launches next month!

Each lipstick costs $18/£16 and you can purchase them from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (link), BeautyBay for those of us in the UK (link) or Beautylish (link).

Let me know what your favourite things are from Jeffree Star or what items you have firmly written on your wishlists!

Tasha J Beauty x

Limited Edition Colourpop Bundles!

Colourpop has been launching their spring collection over the last few weeks in three separate collections; Sand, Pink and Nectar. Each collection features products in similar tones with the idea that you can create beautiful monochromatic looks. I have posts on the individual collections that I will be posting over the next week, but that isnt what todays post is about, let’s get onto the extra exciting stuff shall we?

Just launched are new spring collection bundles! 3 different lip collections and one Super Show Shadow collections!

First up is the Phase Me Out Super Shock Shadow Bundle! ($18)

Phase Me OutThis bundle of shadows features 4 of the bestselling Spring Collection shadows so far, below are the names and how the shades are described on the Colourpop website;

Going Rogue: A pearlized soft, silvery peach

Itty Bitty: A satin soft salmon pink

Fipper: A soft tangerine with a ton of silver glitter on top in a Metallic finish

One by One: A pearlized true pastel peach

By the looks of things all of the shadows in this bundle have some sort of shimmer to them, but all of the shades look stunning. I would assume that Flipper has a glittery overspray to give the metallic finish and then once that has been used up its a tangerine shadow.

Each of these shadows retail for $5 so buying them in the bundle is a cost effective way of purchasing the shadows.

Now onto the Lip Bundles!

Colourpop have released three lip bundles along with their spring collection. Each bundle comes with an Ultra Matte Lip, an Ultra Satin Lip and an Ultra Glossy Lip in the same shade range as the collection they are from.

The Lip Bundles retail for $15, which is slightly cheaper than you would pay buying them individually at $6 each ($18).

Phase 1.png

First up we have the Phase 1 bundle! From left to right we have:

The Twirl – An Ultra Matte Lip in a pinky coral shade

Up Do – A true coral Ultra Glossy Lip in a Créme finish

Likely – A soft peachy nude Ultra Satin Lip

All of these shades are very peachy and warm toned and are from the Nectar collection.

Phase 2.png

Next up is Phase 2! The bundle featuring the best-sellers from the Pink collection! Again from left-right we have:

Chandelier – An Ultra Satin Lip in a beautiful true, salmon pink

Curtsy – A Mid-tone warm pink Ultra Glossy Lip in a Créme finish

Fresh Cut –  A true blue pink Ultra Matte Lip

Its nice to see that there are a mixture of cool and warm undertones to the pink shades in this collection. Fresh Cut would be amazing for making your teeth look white because of the blue undertones.

Phase 3.png

Last but definitely not least are the 3 stunning shades from the Sand collection featured in the Phase 3 bundle!

Strip – A warm beige Ultra Glossy Lip

Knotty – An Ultra Matte Lip in a light warm taupe

Game On – A light warm nude Ultra Glossy Lip in a Créme finish

All of the shades in Phase 3 are very warm toned and also very similar shades, I think the gloss is a very universal colour, and the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin are very natural everyday shades.

I think these bundles are a great deal, you can get some really beautiful shades for a lesser cost than you would pay if you wanted them invidually!

All of these bundles are available from (click here to be taken straight to the Spring Collection page) and if you order them before 8am GMT April 1st, Domestic Shipping is completely free, and International Shipping is free over $50!

Happy Shopping,

Tasha J Beauty xo






MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker Sweet Collection | Face & Lip Products ♡ Holiday 2016

Time for the second instalment of my breakdown of the MAC Nutcracker Sweet collection for Holiday 2016! This time we are looking at the Face products and the Lip products that have been released with this collection, so let’s get started shall we?!

First up we are going to do the face products because there are quite a few!


Face Compacts £29

Let’s just all take a deep breathe, and then slightly lose our mind at the fact Whisper of Gilt is BACK! Possibly one of the most highly coveted highlighters of all time has made its comeback!! The packaging and the embossing on the pans themselves is absolutely stunning with the rope pattern making them look very decadent.

These compacts contain an Extra Dimension Skinfinish, and an Extra Dimension Blush. None of the shades are carried in the permanent line.

Sweet Copper

♡ Whisper of Gilt is a pale gold shimmer highlighter

♡ Pleasure Model is a peachy brown blush

Sweet Peach 

♡ Tutu is a pale pink highlighter

At Dusk is a warm rose shade of blush

The Extra Dimension products do all have a bit of shimmer to them, although the blushes don’t look as though they have too much that it would make them unbearable or highlight any texture on the cheeks.

Size and Pricing

♡ The Face Compacts retail for £29, which is a good price considering you get a decent amount of product.

♡ Nowhere on the MAC website does it say how much product you get in the pans, however from seeing photos floating around on the internet they do look like decent sizes pans.

I think these compacts are worth the money purely for the sheer exclusivity of the shades, extra dimension blushes are not something that appear very often, and Whisper of Gilt is a cult favourite.

Magic Dust Powder £24

Magic Dust Powders aren’t a product I have seen released from MAC before, and as far as I am aware this is the first time that they have appeared in a collection. The MAC website states that they are a “translucent, ultra-fine, light-catching pearlescent powder for face, neck and décolleté”. It sounds as though they are used to give a subtle sheen to areas that you desire.

♡ Sweet Vision is a pinky peach with gold pearl

♡ Yum Yum Yum is a soft pink with gold pearl

Each pan is 10g, which is the size of a regular face powder from MAC.

They retail for £24 which is the price of a regular Mineralize SkinFinish.

Lipstick £17

Five Lipsticks have been released with this collection, and can we just take a minute to appreciate the stunning packaging?! The Matte deep plum, the gold barrel and the hot pink lid? What isn’t to love?

♡ Kingdom of Sweets is a soft, milky pink in a Cremesheen finish

♡ Flamboyish is a matte hot, deep pink

♡ Saucy Little Darling is a deep, coral-red, in an amplified créme finish

♡ So Good For You is an intense cool red, in a matte finish that looks like it would make your teeth look incredibly white when worn.

♡ Leap of Delight is a deep, plum purple in a matte finish. This purple lipstick is fairly unique to MAC.

♡ The lipsticks retail for £17 which is £1.50 more than the regular price of £15.50. Although I think just to own the stunning, incredibly unique packaging it would be worth it.


Viva Glam Lip Compact £20

Viva Glam Lip Compact

The lip palette that has been released with this collection is a fairly diverse one, you get a pale warm nude, a slightly darker nude and a cool toned red. The palette includes 3 of the most iconic Viva Glam Lipstick shades.

(From Left to Right) 

♡ Viva Glam II is a muted, pink beige with shimmer in a satin finish

♡ Viva Glam VI is a terracotta plum with pearl in a lustre finish

♡ Viva Glam I is an intense brownish, blue based red in a matte finish.

♡ The lip palette retails for £20, which I think is a fairly decent price considering you get to trial 3 Viva Glam shades, although the MAC website does say that the palette is 2 inches by 2.3 inches, which is pretty small, so I don’t think you get a lot of product per pan.


I have already broken down the Eye Products that have been released with this collection (which you can read here). Next up is going to be the smaller kits that MAC have released with this collection.




MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker Sweet Collection | Eye Products ♡ Holiday 2016

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s emails, twitters and YouTube feeds are full of the exciting launches that the holiday season brings.

Let’s start off with an absolutely massive launch shall we? MAC never fail to disappoint when it comes to Holiday collections and this year is no different. The launch is so massive that I am going to break it down into 4 different posts:

♡ Stand Alone Eye Products

♡ Stand Alone Face & Lip Products (which you can read here)

♡ Small Kits

♡ Large Kits

This post is going to be all about the stand alone eye products. There are quite a few so let’s get started!

First of all there are 2 different types of Liner launching with this holiday collection. The packaging for the liners is definitely different to the usual sleek black Mac packaging that we are all used to. The Liner itself is a beautiful jewel toned purple colour, and the cap is a striking hot pink.



Kohl Power Eye Pencil / Feline

The Kohl Power Eye Pencil in the shade Feline is carried in the permanent line and has simply been relaunched in the Holiday packaging.

♡ The Liner retails for £16, which is £2 more than the regular retail price of £14.

♡ You get 1.45g of product which is a fairly standard amount of product in an eyeliner.

♡ MAC claim that this product is safe for use on the waterline, and is perfectly wearable for contact wearers.


Two Eye Kohl pencils have been released with this collection, again neither of them in new shades.

♡ Powersurge is a bronzed brown with golden shimmer

♡ Prunella is a purple shade

♡ The Eye Kohls retail again for £16, same as the Kohl Power, which is £2 more than the original retail price.

♡ You get 1.45g of product which again is pretty standard for a Mac Eyeliner.


The Magic Dust Shadow formula is a new one to the Mac line, they claim to be a longwearing, shimmering pearl powder shadow that is creamy to the touch, because of this formula being new, it does mean that all 6 shades are not available int he permanent line.

♡ Foward March is a peachy gold shimmer

♡ Dance Flowers Dance is a light pink

♡ Pretty Dainty is a pink coral shimmer

♡ Rabblerouser is a bright intense pink

♡ Dark Lullaby is a deep, midnight purple

♡ Mustache is a black shadow with a gold glitter running through it

♡ These shadows retail for £17.50 which is fairly pricey for a single shadow from Mac. However, you are getting 2.2g of product per shadow, which is a lot more than the normal MAC shadow size of 1.5g.


Both of the Pigment shades that are being released with this collection are in the regular line, and they do not have any special packaging that is exclusive to the Holiday Collection. For this reason I wouldn’t say that you need to rush out and get them immediately, because they are going nowhere.

♡ Process Magenta is a bright magenta

♡ Rose is a rose shade with a copper sparkle

♡ The pigments are a standard size of 4.5g, a huge amount of pigment that will last an extremely long time, and retail for £16, the price of a regular pigment



There are three new shadow palettes being released for the Holidays. A Cool palette, a Smoky palette and a warm palette.

We’ll look at the shades in the palettes first and then break down the pan size, amount of product and pricing.

Cool Palette (From Left to Right)

♡ Enchanted Beauty is a pale pink shimmer in a lustre finish

♡ Performance Art is a mauve with a silver pearl in a lustre finish

♡ The Wrong Man is a pale cool pink satin shade

♡ Marzipan is a muted plummy taupe in a matte finish

♡ Quite Spoiled is a muted midtone lilac in a satin finish

♡ Absurdly Pretty is a matte raspberry shade

♡ Sugar Plum is a dirty matte grape shade

♡ Plum Darling is a metallic charcoal plum in a lustre finish

♡ Nutcracker is a deep blackened purple in a satin finish

Smoky Palette (From Left to Right)

♡ Too-dle-oo is a light warm beige shade in a finish

♡ Deception is a cool medium brown

♡ Sweet Dreams is a warm midstone stone

♡ Kid is a beige cashmere

♡ Dewdrop is a bright apricot

♡ Cake & Biscuit is a soft peachy brown

♡ Swiss Chocolate is a muted reddish brown

♡ Dance In The Dark is a deep cool brown

♡ Licorice Lane is a deep blackened brown

Warm Palette (From Left to Right)

♡ Filament is a platinum silver in a lustre finish

♡ Whirling is a metallic silver beige in a lustre finish

♡ Era is a soft golden beige with with shimmer in a satin finish

♡ Woodwinked is a warm antique gold in the Veluxe Pearlfusion finish

♡ Unwind is a dirty olive in the Veluxe Pearlfusion finish

♡ Lady Fingers is a true gold in a velvet finish

♡ Twelve Chimes is a metallic deep cool brown in a lustre finish

♡ Showstopper is a matte deep blackened brown

♡ Beyond Gorgeous is a black with a gold pearl in a Veluxe Pearlfusion finish


The Smoky palette is a completely matte palette, whereas the Cool and Warm palettes have a few different finishes of shadow in them.

♡ Both palettes retail for £29, which works out at just over £3.20 per shadow.

♡ The entire palette is 10g, which works out at about 1.1g of shadow per pan. Considering a single MAC shadow is 1.5g I think these palettes are an amazing deal.

All of the MAC holiday collections can be purchased at


Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips! ♡ New In Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury is definitely the luxury brand of the moment, they seem to be the brand on everybody’s lips. If you haven’t heard of their Magic Cream or the lipstick in Glastonberry then where have you been?! The incredible brand have just launched a brand new collection of 16 Hot Lips Lipsticks! Each lipstick has been created in collaboration with beautiful, inspiring women and there is definitely a shade in the range for everybody!

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips.jpg
From L-R; Bosworth’s Beauty, Hel’s Bells, Nude Kate, Liv It Up, Hot Emily, Very Victoria, Sexy Sienna, Penelope Pink, Miranda May, Super Cindy, Kim K.W., Tell Laura, Carina’s Love, Electric Poppy, Secret Salma, Kidman’s Kiss

There is everything in this collection, there are nudes, pinks, corals, reds and darker more plum shades. So let’s get into each shade shall we?

I’m going to break the lipsticks down into 4 groups of 4 and talk about each shade and who it was created in collaboration with. So here goes;

Starting from the left we have Bosworth’s Beauty a bright, warm pink that Tilbury describes as ‘a statement pink that brings 1950’s retro vintage glamour brought into the modern day’. This pink was created with Kate Bosworth and depicts her timeless beauty.

Next up is Hel’s Bells, my personal favourite from this collection! Created with Helena Bonham-Carter this lipstick is a stunning rich mulberry shade.

The first of a few pale nudes in this collection is Nude Kate. It is inspired by the ‘biscuit-beige’ look that Charlotte Tilbury originally mixed for Kate Moss. It is a very pale nude, and would look good on people with lighter skin tones. On darker skin tones I think this would end up looking ashy due to it being quite white-based.

Finally in this little group is Liv It Up, created with Liv Tyler this shade is a muted rose shade that I think would look lovely with a classic cat-eye and flawless skin.

Hot Emily is a beautiful, bright coral shade that was created in collaboration with Emily Ratajkowski. Charlotte Tilbury has said that this shade is inspired by the 1970’s hues in ‘American Love Story’. This is a perfect summer colour that would look amazing with a tan!

Very Victoria is probably my second favourite out of this collection, I am a huge fan of the deeper, more mauve-y toned nudes and this is perfect. Inspired by Victoria Beckham, this suede-nude is kind of Velvet Teddy-esque in that it is a timeless shade.

Sexy Sienna is definitely a summer shade, it would compliment a tan absolutely perfectly. Tilbury describes this as a ‘Golden Coral’ and I don’t think I could sum it up any better than that. Not too bright, not too pastel.

Penelope Pink is a muted, nude pink inspired by the beautiful Penelope Cruz. This is a very ‘your lips but better’ kind of colour that would add just a touch of colour but not be too bold.

Miranda May is a very fresh pinky-coral colour that was inspired by Miranda Kerr. This is a very beachy shade that would look lovely with slightly sea-waved hair and a golden tan.

Super Cindy is described as a ‘barely-there taupey nude’ that would definitely suit a radiant skin, nude eye type of makeup look. I think this is a nude that would suit every skin tone, but any body with darker skin may want to use a slightly darker lipliner around the edges to reduce any ashy tones.

Kim K.W. is exactly the colour that I think of when I think of Kim Kardashian-West’s makeup. She is always rocking a super pale nude, and this is the palest nude in the collection. It’s a very pink nude, that Kim would be proud of!

Tell Laura is a super bright, orange-red inspired by Laura Bailey. This is 100% a summery shade! I think this would look amazing with a thin, winged liner and a slightly more matte face.

Carina’s Love is a beautiful bordeaux red, a very classic shade that will suit any skin tone. It is inspired by Carina Lau and I think it would look absolute stunning on anybody with a medium skin tone or darker. Possibly even somebody who is super pale, to create that almost Snow White look.

Electric Poppy is the brightest shade in this new lineup, a neon, super vibrant fun pink. This colour will definitely make a statement when worn. This colour is inspired by Poppy Delevigne, known for her crazy, bubbly personality which is definitely portrayed in this lip colour.

Secret Salma is another one of those classic mauve-y nudes that everybody seems to be loving at the moment. This rose-plum shade would look stunning on anybody with brown eyes.

Kidman’s Kiss is a a coral-nude that is another one of the ‘your lips but better shades’. This shade would be incredibly easy to wear, and would go with almost any makeup look. I think it would be pretty difficult to find a look that this shade, inspired by Nicole Kidman, doesn’t work with.

So there we are, the 16 new shades from Charlotte Tilbury. Now let’s get into the technical bits shall we?

The Charlotte Tilbury websites boasts a formula that contains 3D pigments that create a cashmere soft look on the lips. They look to be, from the lip swatches on the website a creamy matte finish, and extremely pigmented.

These lipsticks have the same square tip as the Matte Revolution Lipsticks, Charlotte designed this bullet-shape to mimic a lip brush and make application from the tube much easier.

The lipsticks are available now to buy from the Charlotte Tilbury website (linked here) and cost £23 each, the standard price of a CT lipstick.

So there we have it, the new launch from Charlotte Tilbury. Let me know what you think and if you have tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury!

Tasha J Beauty xo