Huge Wet ‘n’ Wild Haul + MAC Dupes?!♡ New York Haul Part 1!

So as some of you may know, I was in New York 2 weeks ago and I did a lot of shopping..So much shopping that I’ve had to split up my New York Haul blog posts into 3 parts. The first is all of the Wet ‘n’ Wild goodies I picked up, the 2nd will be all of the other makeup, and then the 3rd will be fashion bits and pieces.

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Wet ‘n’ Wild is an extremely affordable brand that is only available in the US as far as I am aware, so obviously I had to go a bit overboard while I was there.

I picked up a lot of the hyped about products on the internet and some that I have been wanting after for a while now! So let’s get into it!

First of all I picked up 2 of the colouricon blushes in the shades rosé champagne and pearlescent pink. I have been testing out both of these blushes over the last couple of weeks and I have fallen in love. They are incredibly pigmented but super easy to blend so you don’t have to worry about clown cheeks, they give a beautiful sheen to the cheeks without being glittery, and best of all, they were only $3!

Rosé Champagne is a beautiful mauve-y colour that blends seamlessly and gives a quite subtle hint of colour to the cheeks.

Pearlescent Pink is a brighter more coral pink that gives a slightly more intense look, but still beautiful and blends like a dream. This shade is perfect for spring/summer when the sun is shining!

Next up is the cult favourite Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette!

comfort zone swatchesThis eyeshadow palette has been spoken about at least a trillion times on the internet I’m sure and for $5 I can see why!

All of the eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented, really easy to blend, buildable and the shade range is pretty much everything you could ask for. I have been loving creating new looks with these eyeshadows.

Plus for $5 you are also getting an amazing MAC eyeshadow dupe!! The very bottom right shade (bottom on the swatches) is an amazing dupe for Mac’s Blue-Brown pigment!

I couldn’t quite get the intensity of the duochrome to show up in pictures, but the base for this shadow is a very red-brown, but when the light catches it, there is a stunning bright blue duochrome sheen.

All of these shadows are shimmery, however, when the crease shades are blended out they don’t leave a lot of shimmer in your crease and they look absolutely stunning. I would highly highly recommend this palette!

I also picked up the Contouring Palette in the shade Dulce de Leche and it is incredible. in swatches it doesn’t look too great, but blended out in the hollows of the cheekbones and you have the most beautiful contour in about 5 seconds. I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply to product and then a big fluffy powder brush to blend it out, and it gives a beautiful contour to the cheeks.

Finally we reach my main weakness, Lipstick….and to be precise, the Megalast Range of lipsticks..I picked up 8 different shades, and not only were they only $2 but they were also buy one get one free!

megalast lipsticksmegalsast lipsticks 2

megalast swatches

As you can see from the swatches above these lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, each of the swatches above was 1 swipe of the lipstick. Also when they say Megalast they mean it. The first night I wore one of these lipsticks I wore ‘Mochalicious’ out to dinner, and I had drinks, dinner and dessert and they stayed on the whole night!

The brighter shades also leave a very even, pretty stain on the lips when they do eventually wear off or you remove them.

The best way I have found for removing these lipsticks is to use an oil-based makeup remover.

The final product I picked up was a basic lipstick in the shade Blind Date.
blind date

These lipsticks have a glossy finish and aren’t quite as pigmented, but there is still a lot of colour payoff. The shade range isn’t quite as extensive, but there is definitely still a colour for everyone.

Blind Date is a beautiful plummy wine shade that would look absolutely stunning with a bronze smokey eye in the autumn.




Overall I am hugely impressed by wet ‘n’ wild, and will definitely be looking on amazon for more of their lipsticks, and if you live in the States, you should definitely count yourself lucky and go and pick up some wet ‘n’ wild makeup. I was expecting the products to be sort of average for the price, but the quality is amazing and the prices couldn’t get much lower I don’t think!

Let me know your favourites from Wet ‘n’ Wild!

Tasha J Beauty xo


Makeup Revolution Haul! ♡ Lips, Highlighter and Eyeshadows!

I decided to have a little splurge on Makeup Revolution products, I say little splurge because it only cost around £15 to get all of these products, and I love nearly every single one!

Makeup Revolution Haul.JPG

Let’s talk about palettes…Makeup Revolution has a LOT of palettes to offer and they vary in price from £4 to £8. I picked up two palettes, as you can see they are both full of beautiful neutral shades.

Makeup Revolution Run Boy Run Palette
Run Boy Run Salvation Palette

The Run Boy Run Salvation palette (£6.00) has 12 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades. The matte shades all blend out beautifully and the shimmery shades are so incredibly pigmented. There is a tiny amount of fallout with some of the shimmery shades, but overall I am incredibly impressed with this palette.

Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette
Redemption Palette – Essential Shimmers

The other palette that I picked up was the Redemption palette Essential Shimmers. As the name suggests this palette is entirely shimmery shades. There are a wide range of warm tones and cool tones, and a good mix of light, medium and dark shades. These shadows blend like a dream, and the pigment is out of this world. They aren’t quite as buttery as some of the high-end shadows, but other than that I would highly recommend this palette.

Next I picked up some face products, I picked up a highlighter and a blush that I misplaced when the photo was being taken (oops).

Makeup Revolution Highlighter
Vivid Baked Highlighter – Peach Lights

The Vivid Baked Highlighter (£3)  in the shade Peach Lights is a beautiful cool toned pink highlighter. I’m not sure why it’s called Peach Lights because it isnt very peachy at all but even so it gives a beautiful intense glow to the cheeks. The only issue is that this highlighter is pressed quite hard, which means you do need a stiffer brush to pick the product up with.

The Blush (£1) in ‘Now!’ is a pretty standard pinky-dusky rose coloured blush. I like that this blush isn’t crazy pigmented, but is buildable. It prevents me from going too heavy handed when I first apply my blush, but allows me to build it up if I’m a little too careful. This blush is slightly shimmery and gives a nice healthy look to the cheeks.

It’s no surprise that I picked up a lot of lip products (I’m a little obsessed).

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquers
L-R: Velvet Black Heart, Keep Lying for You

I picked up a few of the Salvation Velvet Lacquers (£3 each). I already have a review up on my blog (here) if you want to know my thoughts on these. However, since writing that review I have picked up a new shade (What I Believe), and it is incredibly white based and goes quite sticky on the lips. If you have a deep skin tone I think this shade would look incredible but on my incredibly pale skin tone, I look a bit like daffy duck.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks
L-R: 100% Vamp, The One

I also grabbed a couple of their lipsticks (£1) in the shades ‘The One’ and ‘100% Vamp’. They are both incredibly creamy, although ‘100% Vamp’ is a little patchy so I would recommend using a lipliner to fill in your lips underneath. They aren’t very drying at all, and last around 4 hours on your lips without needing touch ups!

Overall I am incredibly impressed with Makeup Revolution so far, I’m definitely going to be picking up some more products from them very soon!

Let me know if you have tried any Makeup Revolution and if you have any recommendations!

Until Next Time,

Tasha J Beauty xo

Huge Soap & Glory Haul ♡ Cosmetics and Body Care!

I’ve needed a lot of new bodycare for a while now, and for Christmas I received just that! A bag full of all of these amazing Soap & Glory goodies!

Soap & Glory Haul
L-R(Back Row): Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, Heel Genius Foot Cream, The Scrub of Your Life Shower Scrub, The Righteous Butter Sunkissed Body Lotion, Hand Food Hand Cream, Clean On Me Shower Gel. L-R(Front Row): Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss, The Righteous Butter Body Butter, Thick & Fast Mascara

Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Deep Cleansing Milk – £8.00 – 350ml:

This is daily cream makeup cleanser that is used to cleanse the skin, and remove face makeup. It is extremely gentle on the skin and smells like peaches! It says that it can remove waterproof mascara, but I wouldn’t strongly recommend it for eye makeup, it really stung my eyes when I tried to use it. Although I have sensitive eyes, so it might be different for you.

The Soap & Glory website states that this product contains ‘Oxyginseng Technology’ that helps increase circulation and cell respiration, it is also meant to fight aging and re-energise skin. I’m not sure just yet how well that works, but I will test it out for a few

Heel Genius Foot Cream – £5.50 – 125ml:

The directions on the back of the tube say to massage the cream into your feet and then slip on a pair of cotton socks and jump into bed, if sleeping with socks on isn’t your thing, then maybe skip out on this one.

It has a lovely menthol smell and is incredibly cooling on the feet. It moisturises well and leaves your feet feeling lovely and soft.

The Scrub of Your Life Shower Scrub – £7.00 – 200ml

This shower scrub smells like the ‘Original Pink’ scent from Soap & Glory, very floral. I actually really like this scrub, I haven’t used it very many times so far but it has made my skin super smooth every time I have used it.

The scrubbies aren’t incredibly rough which makes this a lovely gentle exfoliator, plus the little scrubbies are pink!

The Righteous Butter Sunkissed Body Lotion – £8.00 – 200ml

This is a tinted body lotion that gives a lovely sunkissed look. I haven’t worn this one yet as I haven’t had the occasion. The packaging says to apply like a normal body lotion and then leave to set for 2-3 minutes before putting clothes on to prevent making your clothes orange.

Hand Food Hand Cream – £5.5o – 125ml

This is hands down the best hand cream I’ve ever used. It isn’t greasy and it sinks in really fast. It is incredibly moisturising and stops my hands getting dry and cracked during the harsh winter weather.

Clean On Me Shower Gel – £6.50 – 500ml

Whilst I don’t notice any extreme cleaning from this body wash I do notice that it leaves my skin super soft. It has a built-in body lotion that works wonders as you have a shower.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss – £9.00

I’m not normally a huge fan of lip glosses but this one I like. It is gently plumping but doesnt hurt, which is a plus. It is a very natural colour that looks incredible on top of the Essence Long Lasting lipstick in 06 Barely There. Combined they make my lips look so full and smooth.

The Righteous Butter Body Butter – £10.00 – 300ml

The righteous butter is incredible again. It is scented with the ‘Original Pink’ scent and leaves a hint of rose behind. It does however make my skin softer than it has ever been. It sinks in fast and there is so residue left behind. I strongly recommend this if you are in the market for a new body butter.

Thick & Fast HD Mascara Collagen Coat – £10.50

I’ve had mixed experiences with this mascara. The first couple of times I used it I liked the results, but since then I just haven’t reached for it. I like my Maxfactor False Lash Effect a lot more.

The brush on this mascara is very unique though, one side of the brush has long bristles that really coat your lashes, and the other side has short, stubby bristles that make it easy to coat your lower lashes and get right to the root of your upper lashes.


If I had to recommend only two of these products to you it would be the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss and the Righteous Butter. I think they are both amazing products.

Let me know if there are any skincare/bodycare products that you think I should check out! I’m looking to update my skincare routine soon!

Tasha J Beauty xo

Lush Haul! ♡ Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars!

For my birthday I received a few Lush goodies that I thought I would share with you. I’ll have to wait a little while to share a review of them with you, as my bath is broken, but when I use them I will update you all with pictures and a full review.

Lush Haul Jan 2016
Clockwise From Top; Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Bar Humbug Bubble Bar, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Frozen Bath Bomb. Center: Peeping Santa Bubbleroon

Bar Humbug is a bubble bar that was only around for Christmas time and is sadly no longer available. It smells like liquorice and is a stunning dark purple, with silver shimmers around the outside. The main scents/oils are bergamot oil, fennel oil, tarragon oil.

The Lush website says that the main feature of this product is that it contains organic ilipe butter that will smooth and soften skin.

Peeping Santa Bubbleroon is also seasonal unfortunately which means he too is no longer available. This bubbleroon is used the same way as a bubble bar, meaning you crumble a little under running water and you end up with a delicious smelling bubble bath. Peeping Santa smells like strawberries and has real chocolate drops for his eyes! The key ingredients are cocoa butter, bergamot oil, geranium oil, shea butter.

There are also tiny red hearts inside Santa’s hat!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is a cult favourite from Lush. It only comes out at christmas time, but has come out for pretty much every christmas, so if you fancy getting your hands on one, just be a little patient! It smells like delicious sweet candy and marshmallows, and when dissolved it leaves your bath water glistening! The ingredient that gives Candy Mountain is yummy scent is vanilla absolute.

Sex Bomb is a bath bomb that you throw in your bath when it’s filled up and ready to go. All of lush bath bomb do magical things in your bath and Sex Bomb is no exception. When dissolved Sex Bomb turns your bath water into a beautiful pink colour, and the small rice paper flower floats on top of the water!

The Lush website states that Sex Bomb is a calming, destressing bath bomb that has a blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage. The jasmine is said to ease stress and anxiety, clary sage clears the mind and ylang ylang soothes worries.

Frozen Bath Bomb is a newer product to the lush lineup. When it dissolves in your bath, you’re left with shimmery blue water that feels truly magical! A blend of grapefruit oil, neroli oil and rose oil give this bath bomb a very fresh, floral fragrance.

Which Lush products are your favourite?

Tasha J Beauty xo