Barry M Lip Paint Review! ♡ With Swatches!

I officially have a new favourite lipstick formula to collect!

I am slowly moving away from the whirlwind of matte liquid lipsticks storming the beauty community and back to regular lipsticks, thanks to Barry M!

Never in a million years did I expect that a £5 lipstick would be able to work it’s way up in my favourites list but here we are with one being my everyday lipstick.

The lipsticks in referring to (if you couldn’t tell from the title of this blog post…) are the Satin Super Slick Lip Paints from Barry M. I have gone from owning none of these lipsticks to 8 in a very, very short space of time, and that doesn’t normally happen.

I usually try to test out as many lipstick formulas as possible (slight lipstick horder issues happening over here) so for me to almost exclusively buy one formula for a whole month is pretty much a miracle. Props to you Barry M.

The formula of these lipsticks is unbelievable. They are SO creamy and yet so so pigmented. You only need one swipe to get full pigment and they are the most stunning glossy formula.

Let’s get onto the shades shall we.

I have a couple of limited edition shades that are no longer available on the Barry M website, but they are worth mentioning so here they are.

Viscous Violet

Viscous Violet (156) is, as the name suggests, a violet colour, it is more on the sheer side but can definitely be built up to a more opaque colour. It is a very warm toned, pink-based purple so does make your teeth look a tiny bit on the yellow side, but still beautiful.

Barry M Rose Gold Lipsticksultimate icons

Next up is Everything’s Rosie (164), is a very pinky-nude. I’m not sure if this shade is most flattering on my skin-tone because I am fairly yellow-based and it is so pink that I think it looks a bit odd but the shade itself is beautiful. This and the next lipstick are technically part of the ‘Ultimate Icons‘ collection but they are pretty much the exact same formula.

Following on from Everything’s Rosie, we have Black (37). As the name suggests, this is black. For a more glossy black formula this performs amazingly. Depending on your lip shape you might need to go over a couple areas, such as the cupid’s bow, to get full pigmentation but this applies so easily, my swatch photo only had one swipe.

Barry M Silver Lipsticks

Now let’s get onto the permanent shades!

satin slick lip paints

Mannequin (169) is one of my two favourites. It is a neutral nude that definitely leans more on the borderline cool-toned side of the scale. It is one of the easiest lipsticks to pull off, makes those next-to-no makeup days a littttlle bit easier.

I think that mauve lipsticks look really nice against my skintone so its no surprise that I adore Mauve It (170). This is such an amazing colour if you just want a little more colour than a simple nude lipstick.

Rosemance (173) is a beautiful pale pink shade. It looks really pretty with a more natural look, no liner, glowy skin, pink lips, amazing for spring.

If you are looking for a deep burgundy shade then Marooned (174) is for you. I always thought that when I went for a burgundy lip I would want it be matte, oh boy was I wrong. A glossy burgundy lip gives you a business lady realness that I can’t even really explain. Whenever I wear this lipstick I feel like I can get things done.

Last up is a classic, Red My Lips (176) a very true red with neutral undertones. There are no blue undertones in this red lip so it doesnt make your teeth look yellow but it also doesnt make them look any more yellow, so its a win really. My favourite way to wear this is with a wing liner, bold lashes, and this lip and you’re onto a winner.

These lipsticks retail for £4.99 and you can pick them up in Boots, Superdrug or online at (link)

So there we have it, a lipstick that I 100% you try out, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love.

Tasha J x



Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection Haul and Review! ♡ (Plus swatches and info on UK Shipping)

First off, let me start by asking you a question, how do we feel about the new sleek and snazzy blog? I’ve spent some time this weekend having a bit of a revamp of the blog and all the socials so hopefully you all love it!

Now let’s kick this year off (happy new year to you by the way!!) with a very exciting blog post.

Like many of you I’m sure, Jeffree Star lipsticks are a lust-worthy item. Not only are all of the colours so pretty to look at, but he releases so many that the collector/makeup hoarder in all of us kicks in.

I, however, had not been able to bring myself to bite the bullet and place an order. It doesn’t seem worth it to me to buy one or two lipsticks when you have to pay for international shipping, and then for customs on top of that really.

So when the Holiday Glitter Collection dropped, I thought, bugger it…BUY ALLLL THE THINGS! and that is exactly what I did.

Velour Liquid Lipsticks!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips (Holiday).jpg

Before we go into the swatches and reviews and all that business, I feel like we need to just take a moment to take in that packaging….look at all the amazing sparkly glitter…amazing.

Time for all the juicy details.

I bought 6 out of the 8 available shades, I wanted 7 but decided to pick up a lip scrub instead of the 7th lipstick. The two that I didn’t get were ‘First Class’, a straight up metallic gold, and ‘Medusa’, a stunning deep grey.

The 6 I did buy however, were; Christmas Cookie, Human Nature, Berries on Ice, Santa Baby, Poinsettia and Mermaid Blood.

jeffree star hand swatches

Christmas Cookie:

After seeing some swatches of this shade online I was a little nervous about how it was going to look on my skin tone. I was massively surprised. I love it. It might even be my perfect nude.

Christmas Cookie is really opaque in one coat, no need to layer with this one.

Human Nature:

Anyone that knows me and sees the makeup I wear knows I absolutely love deep nude shades for my lips. So it isn’t really a surprise that I love this shade. Definitely more of an autumn/wintery shade though I think.

Human Nature is also really opaque in one coat.

Berries On Ice:

This shade is a strange one. In the tube it looks really pink, in photos it pulls quite pink but in real life it is really quite purple with just the tiniest pink undertone. Definitely more berry than pink.

This shade is quite patchy and requires 2 coats and little bit more working with to get it to apply evenly. The reason for this was explained by Jeffree Star in his collection launch video. The lack of even pigmentation is a price to pay for having a vegan formula when it comes to purples and reds. Most purples and reds use carmine which is not a vegan ingredient, and carmine is a pigment that is a lot easier to get even in application.

Santa Baby:

Santa Baby is a bright red-pink. It is a really good Holiday shade, or a more spring shade. I think this shade would look incredible on darker skin tones with a bit of a deeper lip liner.

The same pigmentation issues happen with this shade as with Berries on Ice. It is a little more difficult to get this one looking opaque though. Needs a lot more work to get a flat colour.


This and the next shade are easily my favourites from the collection. Poinsettia is a really unique, perfect Holiday red. The swatch image doesnt do it justice at all. This shade is exactly the shade you think of when you think Christmas red.

Bonus…it’s metallic. I know metallic is a scary idea for some of you but this is one of the most flattering metallic formulas out there. The sheen isn’t so strong that you look like you stole the lips from a robot, it does a really good job of making your lips look really soft and plump.

100% reccomend this shade.

Mermaid Blood:

Mermaid Blood is hands down the coolest, most unique lipsticks that I own. It is a STUNNING teal colour, which is also surprisingly wearable. I have always found that greens and blues are some of the more wearable out-there shades that can be worn.

The pigmentation on this lipstick is amazing, it is totally opaque in one layer. You do, however, have to be careful with how you apply it. If you have very deep lines on your lips you will have to stretch out your lips while you apply otherwise as you talk you will realise there is no lipstick in the deeper areas of your lips.

Lipstick Info!

In each of the lipsticks you get 0.19 FL OZ/5.6ML of product.

The applicator is a super soft doe-foot that picks up the perfect amount of lipstick for a full application.

Velour Lip Scrub

I have been lusting after some of the flavours of the Lip Scrubs from JS for such a long time now and when he launched the Family Collection I absolutely knew that I needed Pancakes and Syrup in my life.

This. Smells. Delicious!!!!

I have no idea how he managed it but it smells exactly like pancakes, butter and maple syrup. YUM!

It tastes kind of like you have mixed a tiny amount of Vaseline in with maple syrup, but in all honesty it is really yummy.

You get a full ounce of product in the lip scrubs so it will last you for a really long time.

Now onto the slightly more boring bits, the shipping.

I purchased my order on the launch date of the Holiday Collection so order numbers were really high and things were a little delayed.

It took about 3 weeks for my package to get to me, and I did have to pay a Customs charge of around £25.

I felt okay about this though because I didn’t have to pay shipping as I reached the Free International Shipping cap.

All of my products arrived in tact and I am so so glad I placed this order and will be looking to make a purchase when his next collection launches next month!

Each lipstick costs $18/£16 and you can purchase them from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (link), BeautyBay for those of us in the UK (link) or Beautylish (link).

Let me know what your favourite things are from Jeffree Star or what items you have firmly written on your wishlists!

Tasha J Beauty x

MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker Sweet Collection | Eye Products ♡ Holiday 2016

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s emails, twitters and YouTube feeds are full of the exciting launches that the holiday season brings.

Let’s start off with an absolutely massive launch shall we? MAC never fail to disappoint when it comes to Holiday collections and this year is no different. The launch is so massive that I am going to break it down into 4 different posts:

♡ Stand Alone Eye Products

♡ Stand Alone Face & Lip Products (which you can read here)

♡ Small Kits

♡ Large Kits

This post is going to be all about the stand alone eye products. There are quite a few so let’s get started!

First of all there are 2 different types of Liner launching with this holiday collection. The packaging for the liners is definitely different to the usual sleek black Mac packaging that we are all used to. The Liner itself is a beautiful jewel toned purple colour, and the cap is a striking hot pink.



Kohl Power Eye Pencil / Feline

The Kohl Power Eye Pencil in the shade Feline is carried in the permanent line and has simply been relaunched in the Holiday packaging.

♡ The Liner retails for £16, which is £2 more than the regular retail price of £14.

♡ You get 1.45g of product which is a fairly standard amount of product in an eyeliner.

♡ MAC claim that this product is safe for use on the waterline, and is perfectly wearable for contact wearers.


Two Eye Kohl pencils have been released with this collection, again neither of them in new shades.

♡ Powersurge is a bronzed brown with golden shimmer

♡ Prunella is a purple shade

♡ The Eye Kohls retail again for £16, same as the Kohl Power, which is £2 more than the original retail price.

♡ You get 1.45g of product which again is pretty standard for a Mac Eyeliner.


The Magic Dust Shadow formula is a new one to the Mac line, they claim to be a longwearing, shimmering pearl powder shadow that is creamy to the touch, because of this formula being new, it does mean that all 6 shades are not available int he permanent line.

♡ Foward March is a peachy gold shimmer

♡ Dance Flowers Dance is a light pink

♡ Pretty Dainty is a pink coral shimmer

♡ Rabblerouser is a bright intense pink

♡ Dark Lullaby is a deep, midnight purple

♡ Mustache is a black shadow with a gold glitter running through it

♡ These shadows retail for £17.50 which is fairly pricey for a single shadow from Mac. However, you are getting 2.2g of product per shadow, which is a lot more than the normal MAC shadow size of 1.5g.


Both of the Pigment shades that are being released with this collection are in the regular line, and they do not have any special packaging that is exclusive to the Holiday Collection. For this reason I wouldn’t say that you need to rush out and get them immediately, because they are going nowhere.

♡ Process Magenta is a bright magenta

♡ Rose is a rose shade with a copper sparkle

♡ The pigments are a standard size of 4.5g, a huge amount of pigment that will last an extremely long time, and retail for £16, the price of a regular pigment



There are three new shadow palettes being released for the Holidays. A Cool palette, a Smoky palette and a warm palette.

We’ll look at the shades in the palettes first and then break down the pan size, amount of product and pricing.

Cool Palette (From Left to Right)

♡ Enchanted Beauty is a pale pink shimmer in a lustre finish

♡ Performance Art is a mauve with a silver pearl in a lustre finish

♡ The Wrong Man is a pale cool pink satin shade

♡ Marzipan is a muted plummy taupe in a matte finish

♡ Quite Spoiled is a muted midtone lilac in a satin finish

♡ Absurdly Pretty is a matte raspberry shade

♡ Sugar Plum is a dirty matte grape shade

♡ Plum Darling is a metallic charcoal plum in a lustre finish

♡ Nutcracker is a deep blackened purple in a satin finish

Smoky Palette (From Left to Right)

♡ Too-dle-oo is a light warm beige shade in a finish

♡ Deception is a cool medium brown

♡ Sweet Dreams is a warm midstone stone

♡ Kid is a beige cashmere

♡ Dewdrop is a bright apricot

♡ Cake & Biscuit is a soft peachy brown

♡ Swiss Chocolate is a muted reddish brown

♡ Dance In The Dark is a deep cool brown

♡ Licorice Lane is a deep blackened brown

Warm Palette (From Left to Right)

♡ Filament is a platinum silver in a lustre finish

♡ Whirling is a metallic silver beige in a lustre finish

♡ Era is a soft golden beige with with shimmer in a satin finish

♡ Woodwinked is a warm antique gold in the Veluxe Pearlfusion finish

♡ Unwind is a dirty olive in the Veluxe Pearlfusion finish

♡ Lady Fingers is a true gold in a velvet finish

♡ Twelve Chimes is a metallic deep cool brown in a lustre finish

♡ Showstopper is a matte deep blackened brown

♡ Beyond Gorgeous is a black with a gold pearl in a Veluxe Pearlfusion finish


The Smoky palette is a completely matte palette, whereas the Cool and Warm palettes have a few different finishes of shadow in them.

♡ Both palettes retail for £29, which works out at just over £3.20 per shadow.

♡ The entire palette is 10g, which works out at about 1.1g of shadow per pan. Considering a single MAC shadow is 1.5g I think these palettes are an amazing deal.

All of the MAC holiday collections can be purchased at


MAC Future Forward: Halsey! ♡ New MAC Releases 3/5

Halsey has teamed up with MAC for their Future Forward series. This collaboration is happening in 4 stages with 4 different music artists, Tinashe, Halsey, Dej Loaf and Lion Babe.

Tinashe’s collaboration featured an Eyeshadow x 9 and was available from the 17th of March and unfortunately isn’t available anymore.

Halsey’s lipstick has been available since March 21st and is the feature of this blog post.

Dej Loaf will be releasing a lipglass on April 14th that is a soft mid-tone nude shade.

Finally, Lion Babe will be releasing a Liquidlast Liner in a shimmering gold shade on the 28th of April. MAC future forward lipstick

The Halsey Lipstick is what I have been most excited for from this series of collaborations, not only is the colour amazingly unique, but I have recently fallen in love with Halsey’s music as well, which makes it even better.

The shade is simply described as a ‘grey’ on the MAC website, but it is a very cool toned grey, that is quite dark. The finish of the lipstick isn’t mentioned on the MAC site, but MAC are well known for producing amazing lip products so I’m sure this will be just the same.

Unfortunately, it is sold out on the UK MAC website at the moment so I can’t get my hands on it, but hopefully it comes back in stock soon!! I would love to have this stunning lipstick in my collection, I definitely don’t think this is a shade for the light hearted though, seeing as it is a grey colour, I’m sure it will be extremely creamy and pigmented, as it would probably look a little strange sheer.

Also, can we talk about the packaging?! Now if you know anything about Halsey, or have listening to her song ‘Colours’ (which I strongly recommend, it is amazing) then you will know that she sort of maybe loves the colour blue a little, so it makes sense for the packaging to be a swirly mix of different blues. I think it looks so beautiful, and I would definitely have it on display somewhere!

The lipstick retails for £15.50, the price of a regular MAC lipstick, over on

Would you be brave enough to wear a slate-grey lipstick out of the house? What makeup look would you pair it with?

Tasha J Beauty xo

Future MAC Collection ♡ New MAC Releases 2/5

Next up in my series of new MAC releases is the Future collection. This collection focuses on luminous, Mineralize products. This is big collection featuring 21 products. Some are new products and shades, and some are re-featured products.

So! Let’s get started, there’s a lot to talk about!

First up are 5 new shades of the Mineralize Rich Lipstick, which is an extremely moisturizing lipstick. The lipsticks retail for £21.00.

mac future lipsticks

Supernova is a cool, off-white

Metafabulous is a soft peach

Cybernaut is a neutral pink

Ionized is a metallic silver, and is easily the most unique shade in this collection

Touch the Earth is a midtone taupe


To pair with the lipsticks are 4 shades of Mineralize Glasses, in complimenting colours. As far as I’m aware, these are all new shades to the MAC range. All of the shades are pearlescent and will give a high shine to the lips. The Lip Glasses retail for £20.00.MAC future collection lipglasses

Antireality is a soft white with pearl

Telegenius is a soft peachy pink with pearl

Interspatial is a silver with multi-colour pearl

The Zone is a dirty mauve with pearl


There are also 3 Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads, the shadows in these quads are mineral-based baked eyeshadows, meaning they are extremely shiny. They also provide an ultra-lightweight coverage. The Quads retail for £34.00.


Future Collection Eyeshadows

Nanonude contains a warm beige, a neutral beige, a soft caramel and a gold with pearl. The shades will create a very soft, warm look if used all together.

Dark Energy contains a metallic silver, an iridescent teal, a metallic blue a black with pearl. This quad will give a more dramatic look, and will look pretty on blue eyes.

Full Orbit contains a creamy white, a dirty olive, a deep grey and a soft brown with pearl. I think this palette is the most diverse, because you could make a very natural eye look out of these shades or you could use the darker shade, and add a bit of drama.

MAc Future Eye Glosses

An item that has been featured a few times in MAC collection now are the eye glosses, these are a product that I think looks cool on other people but I don’t think I could wear for more than about 5 minutes before I got annoyed with the sticky feeling on my eyelids. The Eye Glosses retail for £16.00.

Pearl Varnish is a white gloss with pearl

Lightly Taupe is a light beige gloss with pearl

The idea with eye glosses is that  you do your eyeshadow look and then you put the gloss over the top, this gives a very shiny look to the eyelids and gives a lot of dramatic effect.

Future Collection mascara and liners.jpg

Also featured as items in this collection are a few standard line items from MAC. The Mineralise Multi-Effect Lash Mascara in Charged Black contains yeast extract and is a very volumising formula. The Mascara retails for £21.00.

There are also 2 of the Technakohl Liners in Sterling Silver and Graphblack, these are extremely pigmented, and are twist up so you don’t waste any product when sharpening. The Liners retail for £14.00.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.25.20.pngFuture collection nail polish.jpg

There are also a set of lashes featured, the Number 4 lashes from the permanent line, these lashes aren’t super intense and are more of a wispy lash, similar to the Ardell Wispies. The lashes retail for £10.50.

There are 2 MAC Studio Nail Lacquers for this collections also, I have never tried one of these polishes  however the website boasts ‘A long lasting, high-impact colour that won’t fade, dull or streak. The Nail lacquers retail for £10.00.

Moonday is a clear with silver pearl.

Sweet Potion is a soft beige nude shade.

All of the items can be picked up from or I believe this collection is available in MAC Stores.

Let me know if you are thinking of picking anything up from the new collection!

Tasha J Beauty xo


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner – Finally Free♡ New Mac Releases 1/5

Recently MAC have released a whole bunch of new collections that are officially available in stores today! (but some stores may have released them early, and some might release a little later) Although, they have been available online for about a week now!

I have decided to do a small series of blog posts, that are all going to be posted at around the same time, but it means that you can pick and choose what to read rather than reading through a massive blog post with 5 different collections.

This post is going to be about the Mac x Caitlyn Jenner collaboration, a lipstick called Finally FrMAC Caitlyn Jenneree. I think the name of this lipstick is one of the best I have seen, it represents how Caitlyn finally feels free after sharing her transition with the world.

Finally Free is a Cremesheen lipstick, in a midtone rosey nude shade. I think it is a beautiful and classy colour that would suit pretty much every skin tone. In fact, the Mac website says that this lipstick was made to suit All Ages, All Races and All Races.

The best part about this lipstick is that, not only is it an absolutely stunning shade, but 100% of the selling price goes to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative to help further its work in support of Transgender Communities. It is amazing that the entire selling price goes to such a great cause, plus, it means you have a really good reason to buy lipstick. Buying lipstick to help support transgender communities, it’s a win win situation really!

The lipstick retails for $17 from

If ever you needed a time to buy a MAC lipstick, now is definitely the time, if you are worried about buying a slightly more expensive lipstick, then you can be at peace knowing that the money is going to such an amazing cause!

Tasha J Beauty xo

(Image taken from the Mac Website)


High End Foundation Wishlist ♡ Nars, YSL, Koh Gen Do and more…

This is a big High End Foundation Wishlist. There are so many high-end foundations that everyone is talking about at the moment and I would love to add them to my collection!

high end foundation wishlist

1) Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – £32.00 – Feel Unique

This is a foundation that is really intriguing to me, I have always wanted to test out some of the more ‘weightless’ foundations that the high-end market has to offer, and I think that Nars would be a good place to start. I’m also drawn in by the ‘luminous’ claim, as you will probably know if you have read my last few posts, I am a huge fan of glowy skin.

2) YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation – £31.50 – Feel Unique

I have been testing out this foundation recently after I received a sample in the mail, and I love it. I will be posting a review soon so keep your eyes out for that! It leaves such a beautiful finish to the skin and I definitely think it is worth investing in!

3) Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation – $35.00 –

Now this foundation is known for being super mega full coverage, so I wouldn’t wear it on an everyday basis, but I think this would be a great addition to my collection for when I have events to go to, or my skin is having an off day!

4) Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation – $43.00 –

Ever since I joined the beauty community I have heard endless people raving about how amazing the HD Foundation from MUFE is, and unfortunately I never got the chance to test out the original formula, but luckily, the reformulated shiny new version is just as good according to the reviews, so I am dying to give it a go!

5) Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation – $62.00 –

Now this one is down to Shaaanxo on YouTube. She is always talking about how amazing this foundation is and how lovely it makes her skin look, and if Shannon recommends it, it’s a must have. I trust her opinions on things 110%. This one is fairly pricey though so will have to wait until I have saved a little before it makes its way into my collection.

6) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – £37.00 – Feel Unique

Again I have been grabbed by the Luminous claims. I am a sucker for dewy, radiant skin and will try out any product that claims it can give me just that. So it’s no surprise that I would love to grab a bottle of Luminous Silk to add to my collection!

7) Cover FX Custom Cover Drops – $44.00 –

This is a product that is very very interesting to me. I love how pigmented the drops are and the possibilities to just wear a moisturiser but still have a decent amount  of coverage. I think the concept behind this product is amazing, and I will be testing them out when I get to America in May.

8) Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – £31.00 – Feel Unique

This one is definitely a cult classic, I think everybody and their mama knows about this foundation! It seems to be such a staple in every makeup collection that I have seen, so it will 100% be making its way into my collection in the next couple of months! I’m thinking of picking it up when I go to New York!

9) Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation – £30.00 – Feel Unique

Another foundation that I dont think I would wear every day because it is incredibly full coverage, but it photographs well and leaves skin looking absolutely flawless so would be perfect for events!

10) Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – $39.00 –

A new-ish foundation launch from Too Faced that has had the beauty community going crazy! Everybody is talking about how amazing it leaves your skin looking and how it doesnt budge all day, and who doesnt want a foundation that doesnt need touch-ups throughout the day! Effortless? Yes please!

11) Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation – £27.00 – Feel Unique

A nice lightweight foundation with a dewy finish, I’m pretty sure from reading the rest of this post that you’ve gathered that means I need  to get my hands on this one. That and the fact that Urban Decay always produce amazing products.

Ah! So many foundations, I dont know which ones to add to my collection first! What are your recommendations?!

Tasha J Beauty xo