Barry M Lip Paint Review! ♡ With Swatches!

I officially have a new favourite lipstick formula to collect!

I am slowly moving away from the whirlwind of matte liquid lipsticks storming the beauty community and back to regular lipsticks, thanks to Barry M!

Never in a million years did I expect that a £5 lipstick would be able to work it’s way up in my favourites list but here we are with one being my everyday lipstick.

The lipsticks in referring to (if you couldn’t tell from the title of this blog post…) are the Satin Super Slick Lip Paints from Barry M. I have gone from owning none of these lipsticks to 8 in a very, very short space of time, and that doesn’t normally happen.

I usually try to test out as many lipstick formulas as possible (slight lipstick horder issues happening over here) so for me to almost exclusively buy one formula for a whole month is pretty much a miracle. Props to you Barry M.

The formula of these lipsticks is unbelievable. They are SO creamy and yet so so pigmented. You only need one swipe to get full pigment and they are the most stunning glossy formula.

Let’s get onto the shades shall we.

I have a couple of limited edition shades that are no longer available on the Barry M website, but they are worth mentioning so here they are.

Viscous Violet

Viscous Violet (156) is, as the name suggests, a violet colour, it is more on the sheer side but can definitely be built up to a more opaque colour. It is a very warm toned, pink-based purple so does make your teeth look a tiny bit on the yellow side, but still beautiful.

Barry M Rose Gold Lipsticksultimate icons

Next up is Everything’s Rosie (164), is a very pinky-nude. I’m not sure if this shade is most flattering on my skin-tone because I am fairly yellow-based and it is so pink that I think it looks a bit odd but the shade itself is beautiful. This and the next lipstick are technically part of the ‘Ultimate Icons‘ collection but they are pretty much the exact same formula.

Following on from Everything’s Rosie, we have Black (37). As the name suggests, this is black. For a more glossy black formula this performs amazingly. Depending on your lip shape you might need to go over a couple areas, such as the cupid’s bow, to get full pigmentation but this applies so easily, my swatch photo only had one swipe.

Barry M Silver Lipsticks

Now let’s get onto the permanent shades!

satin slick lip paints

Mannequin (169) is one of my two favourites. It is a neutral nude that definitely leans more on the borderline cool-toned side of the scale. It is one of the easiest lipsticks to pull off, makes those next-to-no makeup days a littttlle bit easier.

I think that mauve lipsticks look really nice against my skintone so its no surprise that I adore Mauve It (170). This is such an amazing colour if you just want a little more colour than a simple nude lipstick.

Rosemance (173) is a beautiful pale pink shade. It looks really pretty with a more natural look, no liner, glowy skin, pink lips, amazing for spring.

If you are looking for a deep burgundy shade then Marooned (174) is for you. I always thought that when I went for a burgundy lip I would want it be matte, oh boy was I wrong. A glossy burgundy lip gives you a business lady realness that I can’t even really explain. Whenever I wear this lipstick I feel like I can get things done.

Last up is a classic, Red My Lips (176) a very true red with neutral undertones. There are no blue undertones in this red lip so it doesnt make your teeth look yellow but it also doesnt make them look any more yellow, so its a win really. My favourite way to wear this is with a wing liner, bold lashes, and this lip and you’re onto a winner.

These lipsticks retail for £4.99 and you can pick them up in Boots, Superdrug or online at (link)

So there we have it, a lipstick that I 100% you try out, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love.

Tasha J x



Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection Haul and Review! ♡ (Plus swatches and info on UK Shipping)

First off, let me start by asking you a question, how do we feel about the new sleek and snazzy blog? I’ve spent some time this weekend having a bit of a revamp of the blog and all the socials so hopefully you all love it!

Now let’s kick this year off (happy new year to you by the way!!) with a very exciting blog post.

Like many of you I’m sure, Jeffree Star lipsticks are a lust-worthy item. Not only are all of the colours so pretty to look at, but he releases so many that the collector/makeup hoarder in all of us kicks in.

I, however, had not been able to bring myself to bite the bullet and place an order. It doesn’t seem worth it to me to buy one or two lipsticks when you have to pay for international shipping, and then for customs on top of that really.

So when the Holiday Glitter Collection dropped, I thought, bugger it…BUY ALLLL THE THINGS! and that is exactly what I did.

Velour Liquid Lipsticks!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips (Holiday).jpg

Before we go into the swatches and reviews and all that business, I feel like we need to just take a moment to take in that packaging….look at all the amazing sparkly glitter…amazing.

Time for all the juicy details.

I bought 6 out of the 8 available shades, I wanted 7 but decided to pick up a lip scrub instead of the 7th lipstick. The two that I didn’t get were ‘First Class’, a straight up metallic gold, and ‘Medusa’, a stunning deep grey.

The 6 I did buy however, were; Christmas Cookie, Human Nature, Berries on Ice, Santa Baby, Poinsettia and Mermaid Blood.

jeffree star hand swatches

Christmas Cookie:

After seeing some swatches of this shade online I was a little nervous about how it was going to look on my skin tone. I was massively surprised. I love it. It might even be my perfect nude.

Christmas Cookie is really opaque in one coat, no need to layer with this one.

Human Nature:

Anyone that knows me and sees the makeup I wear knows I absolutely love deep nude shades for my lips. So it isn’t really a surprise that I love this shade. Definitely more of an autumn/wintery shade though I think.

Human Nature is also really opaque in one coat.

Berries On Ice:

This shade is a strange one. In the tube it looks really pink, in photos it pulls quite pink but in real life it is really quite purple with just the tiniest pink undertone. Definitely more berry than pink.

This shade is quite patchy and requires 2 coats and little bit more working with to get it to apply evenly. The reason for this was explained by Jeffree Star in his collection launch video. The lack of even pigmentation is a price to pay for having a vegan formula when it comes to purples and reds. Most purples and reds use carmine which is not a vegan ingredient, and carmine is a pigment that is a lot easier to get even in application.

Santa Baby:

Santa Baby is a bright red-pink. It is a really good Holiday shade, or a more spring shade. I think this shade would look incredible on darker skin tones with a bit of a deeper lip liner.

The same pigmentation issues happen with this shade as with Berries on Ice. It is a little more difficult to get this one looking opaque though. Needs a lot more work to get a flat colour.


This and the next shade are easily my favourites from the collection. Poinsettia is a really unique, perfect Holiday red. The swatch image doesnt do it justice at all. This shade is exactly the shade you think of when you think Christmas red.

Bonus…it’s metallic. I know metallic is a scary idea for some of you but this is one of the most flattering metallic formulas out there. The sheen isn’t so strong that you look like you stole the lips from a robot, it does a really good job of making your lips look really soft and plump.

100% reccomend this shade.

Mermaid Blood:

Mermaid Blood is hands down the coolest, most unique lipsticks that I own. It is a STUNNING teal colour, which is also surprisingly wearable. I have always found that greens and blues are some of the more wearable out-there shades that can be worn.

The pigmentation on this lipstick is amazing, it is totally opaque in one layer. You do, however, have to be careful with how you apply it. If you have very deep lines on your lips you will have to stretch out your lips while you apply otherwise as you talk you will realise there is no lipstick in the deeper areas of your lips.

Lipstick Info!

In each of the lipsticks you get 0.19 FL OZ/5.6ML of product.

The applicator is a super soft doe-foot that picks up the perfect amount of lipstick for a full application.

Velour Lip Scrub

I have been lusting after some of the flavours of the Lip Scrubs from JS for such a long time now and when he launched the Family Collection I absolutely knew that I needed Pancakes and Syrup in my life.

This. Smells. Delicious!!!!

I have no idea how he managed it but it smells exactly like pancakes, butter and maple syrup. YUM!

It tastes kind of like you have mixed a tiny amount of Vaseline in with maple syrup, but in all honesty it is really yummy.

You get a full ounce of product in the lip scrubs so it will last you for a really long time.

Now onto the slightly more boring bits, the shipping.

I purchased my order on the launch date of the Holiday Collection so order numbers were really high and things were a little delayed.

It took about 3 weeks for my package to get to me, and I did have to pay a Customs charge of around £25.

I felt okay about this though because I didn’t have to pay shipping as I reached the Free International Shipping cap.

All of my products arrived in tact and I am so so glad I placed this order and will be looking to make a purchase when his next collection launches next month!

Each lipstick costs $18/£16 and you can purchase them from Jeffree Star Cosmetics (link), BeautyBay for those of us in the UK (link) or Beautylish (link).

Let me know what your favourite things are from Jeffree Star or what items you have firmly written on your wishlists!

Tasha J Beauty x

Huge Wet ‘n’ Wild Haul + MAC Dupes?!♡ New York Haul Part 1!

So as some of you may know, I was in New York 2 weeks ago and I did a lot of shopping..So much shopping that I’ve had to split up my New York Haul blog posts into 3 parts. The first is all of the Wet ‘n’ Wild goodies I picked up, the 2nd will be all of the other makeup, and then the 3rd will be fashion bits and pieces.

title image

Wet ‘n’ Wild is an extremely affordable brand that is only available in the US as far as I am aware, so obviously I had to go a bit overboard while I was there.

I picked up a lot of the hyped about products on the internet and some that I have been wanting after for a while now! So let’s get into it!

First of all I picked up 2 of the colouricon blushes in the shades rosé champagne and pearlescent pink. I have been testing out both of these blushes over the last couple of weeks and I have fallen in love. They are incredibly pigmented but super easy to blend so you don’t have to worry about clown cheeks, they give a beautiful sheen to the cheeks without being glittery, and best of all, they were only $3!

Rosé Champagne is a beautiful mauve-y colour that blends seamlessly and gives a quite subtle hint of colour to the cheeks.

Pearlescent Pink is a brighter more coral pink that gives a slightly more intense look, but still beautiful and blends like a dream. This shade is perfect for spring/summer when the sun is shining!

Next up is the cult favourite Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette!

comfort zone swatchesThis eyeshadow palette has been spoken about at least a trillion times on the internet I’m sure and for $5 I can see why!

All of the eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented, really easy to blend, buildable and the shade range is pretty much everything you could ask for. I have been loving creating new looks with these eyeshadows.

Plus for $5 you are also getting an amazing MAC eyeshadow dupe!! The very bottom right shade (bottom on the swatches) is an amazing dupe for Mac’s Blue-Brown pigment!

I couldn’t quite get the intensity of the duochrome to show up in pictures, but the base for this shadow is a very red-brown, but when the light catches it, there is a stunning bright blue duochrome sheen.

All of these shadows are shimmery, however, when the crease shades are blended out they don’t leave a lot of shimmer in your crease and they look absolutely stunning. I would highly highly recommend this palette!

I also picked up the Contouring Palette in the shade Dulce de Leche and it is incredible. in swatches it doesn’t look too great, but blended out in the hollows of the cheekbones and you have the most beautiful contour in about 5 seconds. I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply to product and then a big fluffy powder brush to blend it out, and it gives a beautiful contour to the cheeks.

Finally we reach my main weakness, Lipstick….and to be precise, the Megalast Range of lipsticks..I picked up 8 different shades, and not only were they only $2 but they were also buy one get one free!

megalast lipsticksmegalsast lipsticks 2

megalast swatches

As you can see from the swatches above these lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, each of the swatches above was 1 swipe of the lipstick. Also when they say Megalast they mean it. The first night I wore one of these lipsticks I wore ‘Mochalicious’ out to dinner, and I had drinks, dinner and dessert and they stayed on the whole night!

The brighter shades also leave a very even, pretty stain on the lips when they do eventually wear off or you remove them.

The best way I have found for removing these lipsticks is to use an oil-based makeup remover.

The final product I picked up was a basic lipstick in the shade Blind Date.
blind date

These lipsticks have a glossy finish and aren’t quite as pigmented, but there is still a lot of colour payoff. The shade range isn’t quite as extensive, but there is definitely still a colour for everyone.

Blind Date is a beautiful plummy wine shade that would look absolutely stunning with a bronze smokey eye in the autumn.




Overall I am hugely impressed by wet ‘n’ wild, and will definitely be looking on amazon for more of their lipsticks, and if you live in the States, you should definitely count yourself lucky and go and pick up some wet ‘n’ wild makeup. I was expecting the products to be sort of average for the price, but the quality is amazing and the prices couldn’t get much lower I don’t think!

Let me know your favourites from Wet ‘n’ Wild!

Tasha J Beauty xo

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review ♡

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos have been all over the internet for years now, you can’t step foot on YouTube without hearing the words ‘On and On Bronze’. So naturally I felt like I had to see if these products lived up to their hype, and I’m still on the fence.

The shades I picked up were:

On and On Bronze – A lovely shimmery golden bronze shade

Permanent Taupe – A cross between a grey and a purple, very cool toned, semi-matte

Vintage Plum – A matte deep plum shade with a touch of grey

Maybelline Colour Tattoos Finished
Maybelline Color Tattoo SwatchesAfter playing around with these shades for a while I have some very fixed opinions about each one.

My favourite is On and On Bronze, it is very creamy and pigmented. I normally apply this all over the lid and then blend it out slightly into the crease and it gives me a nice eyeshadow look in about a minute.

Permanent Taupe is second best, because of its slightly matte finish you have to work a little bit harder to get an even colour, in the swatches I applied 2 coats of each and you can see that it is still a little patchy. However, once you have built up an even layer, it blends very evenly and easily, and gives a good colour to the crease. I have even applied this all over the lid and blended it out to achieve a pretty cool-toned smokey eye.

Now for the colour that has not held up to the hype for me. Vintage Plum was a little disappointing. It is a Leather Effect colour tattoo so is incredibly matte, and I don’t know whether it is that, or maybe it has dried out (although it has only been open a month), but Vintage Plum is so stiff. The other shades are incredibly creamy, whereas I really have to work to get a decent amount of this product onto my brush or my finger. Because of this, it means that it always applies kind of smeary, and patchy. The only way I have found  to use this shade really has been to blend it into my crease and then set it with a powder shadow to create a more even look.

Overall, I would recommend the Colour Tattoos, they are £4.99 each, and can be bought from Boots, or Superdrug if you are in the UK, and anywhere else that sells Maybelline products. As a precaution at first I would say to stick with the regular Colour Tattoos, and I will pick up another one or two of the leather shades and update you in a little while!

Tasha J Beauty xo

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Review ♡

It’s no secret at this point that I love Makeup Revolution, their products are amazing quality and are incredibly affordable. I picked up 2 of their £1 Amazing lipsticks and because they were only £1 I picked up a couple of colours I maybe wouldn’t normally have picked up.

I picked up a shade that looks like it would be a black lipstick, but is actually a very pretty dark berry colour. I also picked up a nude colour, because I haven’t ever worn a true nude colour and I was curious to see whether they suit me (they dont…).

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks
L-R; 100% Vamp, The One

I do like the formula of these lipsticks, they are incredibly creamy and last a decent while on the lips. The only problem that I have found is with 100% Vamp, it applies quite patchy, however, if you apply a lipliner underneath it does look very pretty.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick Swatches The application of ‘The One’ is very nice, it applies smoothly and gives a very even colour. If the colour looked nice against my skin I would definitely wear this a lot more!

I’m waiting a couple of months and then I’m thinking of picking up a load of Makeup Revolution products because I do think they are incredible, and you can make a very nice makeup look without breaking the bank.

The shade range contains 27 shades, so there is definitely a  shade there for everyone. There are even some more odd shades, like a lilac and a stone grey shade, and because they are quite white based I think they would apply as well as ‘The One’.

I definitely recommend these lipsticks, and for £1 I don’t think you can really go wrong. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot when I picked up these lipsticks but I was very surprised. They are incredible and I would love to pick up the whole collection. It is crazy to think that you could pick up the whole 27 shade collection of these lipsticks, for the same price as some of the high end lipsticks.

I also have a few other posts about Makeup Revolution that you can read here:

Makeup Revolution Haul: link

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Review: link

Tasha J Beauty xo

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L’oréal Lumi Magique Base Review♡

Recently I’ve been a fan of having glowy, radiant skin and I heard everyone talk about the Lumi Magique Base Primer from L’Oréal. I have been testing it out over the past few weeks and I have to say, I do like it quite a lot.

Loreal Magic Lumi

I picked mine up from Boots for £10.99 which seems like a lot for a drugstore/high street primer, but considering you only need to use a TINY amount of it to cover your whole face, its worth it in my opinion.

I have been testing it out as a primer, and using it as a liquid highlighter and I have to be honest, I like using it both ways.

On it’s own as a primer I’m not a huge fan, it does give a pretty finish to the skin, but I have a lot of texture on my skin so it highlights that a lot. However, I have found that if I use my Nivea Post Shave Palm for Men (review here) first and then this on top, my skin looks beautifully radiant. I have even skipped the foundation on a few days because I love how this makes my skin look.


lumi magique swatch

When sheered out over a large area, like in the photo above, it gives a almost pearlescent look to the skin. However, sometimes I will take a tiny amount on my finger and dot it on the tops of my cheekbones and it gives a very intense glow to my cheeks.

I really do recommend this product to anyone who is a fan of radiant skin. However, if you have any acne scarring or texture to your skin then I would consider using another, more smoothing primer underneath.

What are your favourite drugstore primers?

Tasha Beauty xo



Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm Review ♡

Recently the beauty world has blown up with people raving about using the Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm as a face primer. The person to start this cult following was NikkieTutorials on YouTube. I trust every single product that Nikkie recommends and therefore had to give this one a go!

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm


I must say, I didn’t expect much from this. The concept seemed very odd, and didn’t quite seem right in my head. But, when I saw it on sale for £2.79 I bit the bullet and picked up a bottle. What an amazing idea that was, this is now my holy grail face primer.

The first time I used this product, I was slightly surprised at the fragrance. It does smell like that typical man smell, the one that has no real description other than ‘Man’. Once applied however, the smell only lingers for around 10 seconds then it is no longer noticable.

The consistency is incredibly watery but with enough viscosity to stop it from running down your face. When the balm starts to set it gets slightly tacky, I have found that when it gets to this stage, it is the best time to apply foundation over the top.

In the past I have always had issues with foundation clinging to my dry patches, no matter what primer I used. That doesn’t happen when I use this product, it’s amazing! My foundation applies so flawlessly over the top of the Post-Shave Balm, no caking, no dry patches, just smooth baby doll skin.

As I was testing this product as a face primer, of course I had to test how well it kept my face makeup in place. It did a very very good job, my makeup was in place from 9am until 9:30pm with not a single touch up, it was almost heavenly!

I picked mine up in Boots, and I don’t think I can emphasise quite how much I think you should go and pick one up too!

Tasha J Beauty xo