Colourpop Lux Lipsticks! ♡ New In Beauty!

Colourpop are no strangers to new releases, and they started the New Year off with a bang! A whole new range of 25 lipsticks!

These lipsticks have the most beautiful packaging, rose gold metal with little pink stars dotted around. The bullets themselves have stars stamped into them.

Let’s have a look at the shades shall we?

Boy (edited)Appy (edited)Pinkies Up (edited)

Boy is a pale peachy nude.

Appy is a warm beige with pink undertones.

Pinkies Up is a mid-tone mauve shade that is quite muted.

Friends (edited)What If (edited)Sitting Pretty (edited)

Friends is a beautiful rich, chocolatey brown…also can we just take a minute for the names in this whole collection, amazing.

What If is a rosy, fuchsia colour, would look beautiful on every skin tone.

Sitting Pretty is a more muted, dusty purple shade.

Cheetah (edited)Humble Pie (edited)Get A Room (edited)

Cheetah is a pastel violet shade. Perfect for when you want a more bold look.

Humble Pie is a beautiful dusty rose.

Get A Room is a very bright, orangey-red. Amazing for summer.

On Repeat (edited)On Display (edited)Hello Stranger (edited)

On Repeat is a cool cross between a brick red and a burnt orange, it is stunning.

On Display is a pink-based red. Very classic.

Hello Stranger is a blackened plum, amazing for autumn/winter.

Aeronaut (edited)LA Lady (edited)Lay Over (edited)

Aeronaut is a super cool, pitch black.

LA Lady is a terracotta nude, would be amazing on medium/tan skintones.

Lay Over is a very neutral nude shade.

Still Crazy (edited)Uno Mas (edited)Stone Fox (edited)

Still Crazy is very natural mauvey pink, would look amazing with glowy skin.

Uno Mas is a warm peachy pink, perfect for more bronzey looks.

Stone Fox is a pale peachy pink.

Money Side Up (edited)Ghosted (edited)Foolish (edited)

Money Side Up is muted pink, good for a pink lip if you dont want to be too bold.

Ghosted is a gorgeous berry pink shade.

Foolish is a true burnt orange.

Liquid Courage (edited)Gallop (edited)27 (edited)

Liquid Courage is a stunning brick red. With lashes and winged liner…incredible.

Gallop is a true terracotta shade. Good for more grungy looks.

27 is a deep plum nude shade.

Getty (edited)

I saved my personal favourite shade for last. Getty is an absolutely stunning dark teal.

I absolutely love the varied shade range in this launch, the more natural shades and all the pops of colour just make this launch so diverse and awesome.

The Colourpop website says that these lipsticks have a creamy matte finish.

The lipsticks also have acai, jojoba and pomegranate seed butters, which will moisturise the lips but also contain natural antioxidants to help with anti-aging effects.

The lipsticks retail for $7 each on the Colourpop website (link).

I’m definitely going to be picking some up with my next Colourpop order!

Which shades are you going to add to your collection?

Tasha J x


Limited Edition Colourpop Bundles!

Colourpop has been launching their spring collection over the last few weeks in three separate collections; Sand, Pink and Nectar. Each collection features products in similar tones with the idea that you can create beautiful monochromatic looks. I have posts on the individual collections that I will be posting over the next week, but that isnt what todays post is about, let’s get onto the extra exciting stuff shall we?

Just launched are new spring collection bundles! 3 different lip collections and one Super Show Shadow collections!

First up is the Phase Me Out Super Shock Shadow Bundle! ($18)

Phase Me OutThis bundle of shadows features 4 of the bestselling Spring Collection shadows so far, below are the names and how the shades are described on the Colourpop website;

Going Rogue: A pearlized soft, silvery peach

Itty Bitty: A satin soft salmon pink

Fipper: A soft tangerine with a ton of silver glitter on top in a Metallic finish

One by One: A pearlized true pastel peach

By the looks of things all of the shadows in this bundle have some sort of shimmer to them, but all of the shades look stunning. I would assume that Flipper has a glittery overspray to give the metallic finish and then once that has been used up its a tangerine shadow.

Each of these shadows retail for $5 so buying them in the bundle is a cost effective way of purchasing the shadows.

Now onto the Lip Bundles!

Colourpop have released three lip bundles along with their spring collection. Each bundle comes with an Ultra Matte Lip, an Ultra Satin Lip and an Ultra Glossy Lip in the same shade range as the collection they are from.

The Lip Bundles retail for $15, which is slightly cheaper than you would pay buying them individually at $6 each ($18).

Phase 1.png

First up we have the Phase 1 bundle! From left to right we have:

The Twirl – An Ultra Matte Lip in a pinky coral shade

Up Do – A true coral Ultra Glossy Lip in a Créme finish

Likely – A soft peachy nude Ultra Satin Lip

All of these shades are very peachy and warm toned and are from the Nectar collection.

Phase 2.png

Next up is Phase 2! The bundle featuring the best-sellers from the Pink collection! Again from left-right we have:

Chandelier – An Ultra Satin Lip in a beautiful true, salmon pink

Curtsy – A Mid-tone warm pink Ultra Glossy Lip in a Créme finish

Fresh Cut –  A true blue pink Ultra Matte Lip

Its nice to see that there are a mixture of cool and warm undertones to the pink shades in this collection. Fresh Cut would be amazing for making your teeth look white because of the blue undertones.

Phase 3.png

Last but definitely not least are the 3 stunning shades from the Sand collection featured in the Phase 3 bundle!

Strip – A warm beige Ultra Glossy Lip

Knotty – An Ultra Matte Lip in a light warm taupe

Game On – A light warm nude Ultra Glossy Lip in a Créme finish

All of the shades in Phase 3 are very warm toned and also very similar shades, I think the gloss is a very universal colour, and the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin are very natural everyday shades.

I think these bundles are a great deal, you can get some really beautiful shades for a lesser cost than you would pay if you wanted them invidually!

All of these bundles are available from (click here to be taken straight to the Spring Collection page) and if you order them before 8am GMT April 1st, Domestic Shipping is completely free, and International Shipping is free over $50!

Happy Shopping,

Tasha J Beauty xo






Colourpop Spring Summer 2016 ♡ Eyes and Lips!

Colourpop has dropped their Spring Summer collection today and it is stunning! It is a 15 piece collection full of bright colours and glitter and everything you could possibly want!

Colourpop SS16 Lippie Stix

The first 3 items are 3 Lippie Stix. The Lippie Stix retail for $5.00 each and come in a huge variety of finishes. Each of the Lippie Stix for this collection has a different finish and there is a range of colour.

Hype Girl is a soft coral nude, in a matte finish

Croquet is a cool toned pink, in a sheer finish

Crumpet is a bright yellow-pink, in a créme finish

Colourpop SS16 Ultra Satin Lips

Next up are 3 new shades added to the recent launch of the Ultra Satin Lip. The Ultra Satin Lips retail for $6.00. These are a liquid lipstick, but they are moisturizing and leave a more velvet-y feel to the lips. They do transfer but also have extremely long wear! All of the new shades are super bright and summery.

Spritz is a mid-tone true bubble gum pink.

Botanical is a neon peachy coral.

Naked Ladies is a bright coral red.

Colourpop SS16 Creme Gel Liners

There are 2 new shades added to the Créme Gel Pencil Liners, and 2 new shades to the Créme Gel Pot Liners. The pencil liners glide on really smoothly and last an incredibly long time in the waterline. The pot liners are amazing for a bold winged liner, however you have to make sure you keep the lid on nice and tight otherwise they will dry out before you have had a lot of use out of them! The pencil liners retail for $5.00, and the gel pot liners sell for $6.00.

HoneyDude is a creamy warm nude.

Teaspoon is an intense emerald green

Descanso is a bright purple, with turquoise multi-dimensional glitters.

Colourpop SS16 Eyeshadow.jpg

There are also 5 brand new eyeshadows in this collection, in a 3 different finishes; satin, matte and pearlised. I think that you could use all 5 of these shadows and make a really pretty blue eye look. The eyeshadows retail for $5.00.

Wattles is a dusty beige pink, in a satin finish.

Belladonna Lily is a soft patel aqua, in a matte finish.

Flowershop is a vibrant blue green with soft gold pearl on top, in a pearlised finish.

Luckfully is a bright cobalt blue, in a pearlised finish.

Flutes is a mid-tone yellow brown, in a matte finish.

The whole collection is available on the colourpop website (link). However, the Colourpop website only ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and APO’s. So if you live in any other country, you will have to use a shipping service to get these products to you. But in my opinion it is worth it, because Colourpop products are amazing!

Have you tried any Colourpop?

Tasha J Beauty xo